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thursday accountability

Good morning.  I have been working on alot of wedding stuff this week.  I feel like I'm actually getting stuff done now.b-2 hard boiled egg whites, 20 green grapesl-leftover grilled chicken and green beanss-appled-grilled chicken marsala, spinach salade-none

Re: thursday accountability

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    B: english muffin, 2 egg whites, coffee with creamS: oatmealL: chicken chili, banana, fiber plus bar, grapesS: apple with peanut butterD: pork steak with veggiesE: strength class, 20 min cardio Have a great day! It's dreary here today :(
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    b- whole grain cereal, milk, 20 blueberriess- yogurtl- chicken noodle soup, 5 saltines, 20 rasberriess- apple with peanut butterd- 2 whole grain waffles with peanut butter & honeye- none
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    Hi ladies, I'm going to join in here for the first time. I think I'll be scared when I actually see what I've eaten. b- small bananas- small bag of chipsl- bowl of pea soup with brown rice, a tiny bit of left over cake from a tastingd- Broccoli, two little shrimp, black beans, small piece of garlic bread, one scoop of ice creams- I've had some Halloween candy throughout the day. and all I drink is water.e- 1 1/2 hr dance class, 40 min. spinning, 20 minutes lifting, and push up challengeGross! At least I've worked out a lot.
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