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Getting in Shape

weight watchers

Anybody out there doing weight watchers and looking for an accountability partner? I desperately need one.

Re: weight watchers

  • I'm doing the old system (from around 10 years ago), and don't know much about the new one, but I do know the basics and points, so I would love to have a buddy.
  • Im also doing the old system and would love a buddy. It always helps to have someone there with you!Wink
  • I didn't think anybody else still did the old one!  It worked well for me the first time, and I didn't feel like learning the new system, so I've been a DIY WW girl for over a year now :)
  • I'm doing the old system as well! I tried doing the new system last summer, but gained/lost thes same 5 pounds for around 2 months. I started doing the old system again and I've lost 14 pounds in the last 3 months! I would LOVE a buddy! FI is working out/watching what he eats, but it's just not the same as having someone else who is on the program.:)

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  • I am trying to do the new system!  I am doing it online and haven't had much success because I haven't been tracking everything - definitely want to improve on this.

    I would love to have an accountability partner!
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  • I'm also doing the old Points system. I still go to WW meetings every week, I just use the old gold book and calculator. I bought the book on eBay because mine was falling apart.

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    Hi I did the old system lost 50lbs meet my fiance and put it all back on now i obviously want to lose it again!  I just signed up for the new system again been going for a 3 weeks so far so good! I would def love an accountability partner!

  • Sweet! We can be one big WW accountability group!  Now the only question is: who needs what to help keep them accountable?  For me, it's having to check in weekly and see how much I've lost (or improved, or maintained, or whatever it is you are trying to do), and seeing how others have done helps, too.
  • TaraA17TaraA17 member
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    I agree, I need the check in weekly maybe check up through out the week to make sure I am not getting off track and going to the gym.
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    I'm on the new system and I DO need an accountability partner.

    After the engagement I ran out and hired a trainer and promptly gained lots of weight because in my mind, my heavy work outs entitled me to some good eating. WRONG!

    Now I'm on WW and exercising on my own and with the DF. Laughing

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  • Hi everyone,

    Just started weight watchers online and would love an acountability partner! I am having trouble sticking to the points system, especially in terms of measuring what I eat
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  • I have been doing weight watchers for 3 weeks nwo starting my 4th week. I would like an accountability partner too. What is the old system? what do you have to do diff?


    TTC starting 8/2014 :)

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    [QUOTE]Hi everyone, Just started weight watchers online and would love an acountability partner! I am having trouble sticking to the points system, especially in terms of measuring what I eat
    Posted by mjmchugh86[/QUOTE]

    I'm doing the new system too. looking for accountibility partner as well. Message me if interested!
  • Keyshkeysch, you have a PM.
    Mjmjchugh, so do you :)

  • koryn21koryn21 member
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    I'm curious as well as to what the old system is about. Do please tell!
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  • I'm not super familiar with the new system, or the changes they've made, mostly because it changes so often :)  But from what I understand, they used the original system for a while, found the glitches that people were running into, and fixed them, resulting in the new system(s).

    The old system is based on points, like the new one, except that you can count all of the fiber in your food.  You have a point range based on your weight (a flux of 7 points) but no flexible points.  For example, I have 21-28 points that I can eat in a day.  If I use them, fine, if I don't, they are lost forever, and I don't get extra points throughout the week.  The only foods that are free are veggies (except carrots, peas, and corn, and even then they are super low on points) and small amounts of sugar free foods/snacks.

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