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Gym fear

I know I've posted about being worried doing Zumba before but now I am taking the plunge and going after work tonight. I've got my gym bag ready to go. And I've been so excited about it all day but now that I'm leaving soon to go I am getting so much anxeity.

It's right up the street from work so I'm worried some co workers will be there. What if they make fun of me? I know this sounds so vain but my gym clothes look hideous and don't match, I will be all gross and sweaty, and I'm sure I'll look like a fool when I'm doing my zumab thing.

I guess I am just looking for some motivation.


Re: Gym fear

  • Liatris - I would like to get nicer gym clothes but all clothes considered "gym clothes" are usually form fitting (at least the ones in my size) which make me feel like every time i move someone is looking at a flaw. I know that I sound pethatic. I'm almost in tears right now because of how little I think of myself which I obviously need to work on.

    Thank you for the response and for the pep talk. I know that it'll just reflect on them if t hey judge me.
  • Op, keep your chin up and have fun! You may want to look into yoga gear billowy tops seem all the rage now. I got a great Nike one that I love so much, I bought it in two colours. There are loose running bottoms out there too. And underarmour has some great high waisted straight leg pants.
  • I don't know anyone who goes to the gym or group exercise classes to judge fact most people have the same fears you do and are more concerned with how they look.

    Go and have fun, you won't regret it.
  • I am going to go tonight

    @ Liatris - Thank you for your kind words. You did motivate me and get me to stop feeling sorry for myself. I'm just going to put one foot in front of the other and get myself there! Thank you so much

  • The whole point is to look gross and sweaty.. 
    Get your butt in there. And then reward yourself with a cute nike or lulu top. 
    I had all Lululemon work out clothes and STILL come out looking like a nasty train wreck. That's when I know I did my job ;) 

    You won't be the only new person; and co-workers may or may not be there, but your health is here now. It'snot about them. You're doing this for YOU and it'll be great. I started going to group X classes because I felt like I was being judged in the gym. I think that's a big reason a lot of people start up with group x classes.. and those dance inspired classes make everyone a look and feel a little silly at first. It's a good thing! It pushes your comfort zone to help you grow! 

    Have a blast at the gym, and come back and tell us how great it is :) 
  • hey girl,

    I did zumba for a while and the first few times, i felt realllyyy stupid. It's because you can't anticipate the moves and feel a little slow and awkward. However, once you go a few times and get into the rhythm, its really fun! One thing I reccommend is if you can, leave your hair down. I feel like I look pretty bad in a ponytail, and zumba has a lot to do with feeling good. Leaving my hair down to flip around made me feel a lot less goofy.

    Just enjoy it and know that the first time isn't representative of how it will always be
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  • Your co-workers will not be making fun of you. Everyone is so concerned with what they are doing themselves. You either need to truly believe this or find somewhere else to work out. You need to be in an environment where you feel completely comfortable or you have one more reason not to go.

  • I also wanted to add that when I first started going to the gym, I was going to a gym that had a special deal with my job so there were quite a few co-workers who worked out there. I shared your concerns about co-workers making fun of me.

    I was completely new to working out. I was always the girl who found ways to sit out of gym class in school, and never played a sport. In the beginning, I hung near the back in the classes until I learned the moves. I also took advantage of some free personal training sessions, and found that when I knew what I was doing, I felt more confident. As I grew more comfortable with the classes, I had no problem moving to the front and barely noticed co-workers.

    I also found that co-workers came and went quicker than I did. I'd see a co-worker or group of co-workers a few times a week for a month or so and then they'd drop off and I'd never see them there again. After about a year, I felt like the gym was much more "mine" than theirs and never gave a second thought to seeing co-workers there. I was much more focused on my workout goals.
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