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Stretch marks

I've lost a bunch of weight but am left with some stretch marks.  Anyone know how to get rid of these?

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  • Same here and I hate hate hate them! I have just recently started applying Mederma to them, I am hoping it works but I have no idea if it will or not. I do recommend accepting your body the way it is because honestly no one will notice them or care as much as you do. Confidence and a healthy attitude is the #1 important thing.
    If the Mederma doesn't work, there is pretty much nothing that can be done about them but to wait until they fade or consult a plastic surgeon. Make up and self tanner are good temporary solutions.
  • i have been trying for years to get rid of these things. i didnt loose weight just grew a butt at 13 after being a stick and have been stuck w/ them ever since. therre is a new product out called mederma stretch marks im just waiting for it to get to my local walmart
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    Stretch marks are deep subdermal tears. There is no way of getting rid of them. All those lotions promising to get rid of them are a load of crapola.
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  • They will fade with time.  I've gotten them periodically at different times in my life and they turn white and aren't as noticable after time.
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  • i have 'em too, and they do suck. from my experience, regular mederma just took the redness out. i've heard that the only true way to remove them is by laser therapy. so yeah, when i have a few extra thousand dollars that i don't know what to do with... lol
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  • I covered mine up with tattoos haha. I hated them and I like tattoos so it worked out really well for me, and was cheaper then the laser removal, but you have to be committed to that kind of thing.
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  • Unfortunately, there's no permanent way to get rid of stretch marks. The creams may reduce some of the redness for brand new strech marks. I had a big growth spurt in high school and got some. About 90 percent of women will develop stretch marks, so you're in good company.

    From my experience, they do lighten significantly over the years. I don't worry about mine anymore. The only person that ever notices them is me, so no big deal!
  • Nothing really gets rid of them.
    Let me tell you though, the only person who will notice is you.
    T is constantly complaining about how bad his are and refuses to wear some short sleeves shirts and go shirtless. He wastes hours obsessing over them and I never even notice them unless he points them out and I'm looking closely.

    They're not worth obsessing over.
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