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I was wondering if anyone knows what the appropriate weight is for someone who is 5'5"? I'm currently about 150 and my trainer wants me to get down to 130 by May 1st. This scares me. I go back and forth between losing 5lbs and gaining it right back. I use MyFitnessPal and consume about 1300 calories a day and I do weight training twice a week and cardio 2-3 times a week. I'm having difficulty understanding why I'm not seeing any results.
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Re: Appropriate Weight

  • It varies person to person.

    Myself, I'm 5'4 with what is considered a large frame bone structure.  I've been told that 145-155 is my ideal.  My sister has a medium frame, it 5'2 and her ideal is between 125-135.

    If you're only eating 1300 cals, it's possible that you are burning enough calories to put you in a starvation type zone (typically under 1200). 
    Also, if you have a trainer pushing towards losing weight instead of just healthy activity and eating.. I'd fire his/her ass.  There is no magic weight that is perfect for everyone.  You may have reached yours.
  • Your trainer sucks.  Seriously.  Get a new trainer.  Or at least have a serious talk about goals and why he or she is pushing you towards that weight.

    Like Anna said, it totally depends.  It depends on your frame, your muscle mass, etc.  Someone weighing 150 at your height could be much healthier, stronger, and wear a smaller size than someone weighing 135 at your height.  BMI is a crappy measurement, so don't bother with that.  The best thing you could do if you're seriously concerned is get your body fat measured (not by one of those scales, but in a reliable way).

    Anyway, let's just pretend for a second that your boy type IS capable of losing some more weight.  Some of the things that could be going wrong: 
    -You're not eating enough to support your activity level.  You should be NETTING those 1300 calories (if not a little more), which means if you eat 1300, and burn 300 with exercise, you need to then eat those 300 back.  Eating too little can cause a stall out in weight loss.
    -You're not eating the right foods.  You should be eating lean proteins, lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, and healthy fats.  Not eating enough protein or healthy fat holds a lot of people back.  If you're getting a lot of your calories from processed foods, while you may be hitting your calorie goals, your body won't use it as efficiently as real food, and you won't be properly fueling your body.
    -You might just be at a plateau.  Try mixing things up with your diet and exercise.

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  • Currently your BMI puts you right at the top of a normal weight category)... now I know that BMI is not perfect and no 2 people are the same.  130# puts you right in the middle of the category- probably where your trainer got that number.

    As far as the weight loss goes, generally when you begin working out, you lose the easy weight then hit a plateau that might fluctuate as you alternate between burnning fat and buildin muscle.  Do not forget- muscle is HEAVIER than fat.

    Forget the scale and start forcusing on the measurements! 
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  • I don't feel comfortable at my weight. I'm the biggest I've ever been and I get the "When are you due?!" question at least once a month and I'm definitely not pregnant. I just want to be healthy. The only meats I eat are ground turkey and boneless skinless chicken breasts. I have yogurt or fruit or a fiber one bar with my coffee for breakfast every morning. Lunch is usually a sandwich or salad. Dinner consists of the meat with potatoes and veggies.
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  • I would try increasing your calories by eating back what you burn at exercise and see what happens.  You might gain a bit at first, but give it at least a couple weeks.

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  • As Anna said the appropriate weight does vary person to person.

    I would try tracking your actual calories in MFP or what ever type of system works for you.  I personally hate logging in and tracking it but I did it for a whole month.  Just in that short amount of time I got a real eye opener and was amazed at how much I was actually consuming.  

    As others have said in this and other posts you really do need to eat back the calories that you burn when you work out.  Keeping your body stocked with healthy foods will work wonders on your body even when you are resting.

    I do know the pressure of trying to hit a certain weight.  My doctor said that I supposed to try to get to that 135 range but for me I am currenly happy where I am at.  I am 5'4 and weigh 155.  After having dropped over 50 lbs in the last year and a half and going from a size 16 to a current size of 8 and am working on maintining that (mostly because my dress is now almost a size to big) I honestly dont let comments about what I "should" weight bother me.  Just do what makes YOU happy!!
  • It does vary by person.

    I would tell your trainer that you're not as concerned with how much you weigh, as with how you look and feel. Maybe the trainer can change how you're working out so that you can focus on health and looking your best, rather than pushing towards a certain number.
  • One way to lose weight is to stop eating meat (but make sure you have a whey protein supplement). You will limit your options on food, especially when you go out to eat. I've been a vegetarian for a year and have lost a solid 6-8 pounds. I would also agree- your training doesn't sound like the most encouraging person. Best of luck on reaching your goal! 

    PS: I also use MyFitnessPal- best calorie counting program I've ever used! 
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