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How to work out your under arms and thighs

I want to tone my arms and legs. I have what you would call the bingo flabby arms lol. I really want to work them out before the wedding and try to tighten them up the best I can. I also want to workout my thighs. Should I invest in weights? I've tried doing the chair dips and I don't really feel the burn in my underarm when I do it. I don't know if I'm doing it correctly. I also don't have a lot of upper body strength so it's really hard to do chair dips. I don't know how many I should so at a time.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Re: How to work out your under arms and thighs

  • For your thighs, walking lunges, wall sits, and squats will do wonders.  If they're too easy, carry some weights (hanging at your sides for the lunges, up at shoulder height (even resting on your shoulders) is good).

    For the chair dips, you're saying it's hard to do them, but you don't feel the burn.  My guess is that you're giving up on them because they're hard for you before you hit the point where your muscles start to fatigue (and thus give you the burn).  You can make chair dips easier by bending your legs like you're sitting in a chair and doing the dips from that position.  As they get easier you can work your feet further and further  out until you're in a plank type position.

    For most exercises you should aim for between 10 and 15 reps per set, and 3 sets per exercise.
  • Ditto the three sets of 10-15 reps.  I need to tone up under my arms too and there is one machine at the gym where you sit and start with your arms out to the side with elbows bent and then lift over your head.  It seems to work great for that muscle group (probably why I'm weak on it!) and I think it would be easy to replicate with even improvised hand weights.
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  • I just don't have a lot of upper body strength to do them. I just lost 20 pounds. I use to be 234 pounds. It's not that easy for chair dips.
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  • Congrats on the weight loss!

    If chair dips are proving to be too difficult (even modified with brining your feet in closer), gyms usually have a chin up/dip machine you can use.  It uses counterweights, so if you set it on 100 lbs you're doing dips with your body weight minus the 100 lbs.  It's a great way to get started if you're having trouble.

    I'd also recommend expanding your lower arm focus to your shoulders and chest as well.  That will help develop the core muscles that will give you better upper body strength and make using the smaller muscle groups like the triceps easier.  Anything that's a press or row type exercise will do the trick.
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