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Will I look like mom? Not necessarily

I read this article last week about women's bodies and development.  A few things struck me because I've never heard or read anything as unbiased and clearly written.

"Some aspects of shape and size, it turns out, are more closely tied to genes than others. The ease with which you develop muscle mass, for example, is a highly inherited trait. A study that appeared in the International Journal of Obesity found that while you need physical activity in order to build muscle, people who have "muscular" genes require far less exercise than others to look fit."

"But perhaps one of the biggest wild cards in determining body development is fitness. Women in their 20s and 30s who exercised as kids have less typically "feminine" body types than what was common amongst that same age-group 25 years ago. They have wider middles and narrower hips, and more muscular legs and defined arms—the result of years spent playing sports.

Credit Title IX, legislature that was passed in 1972 giving girls the same athletic opportunities as boys. "Women in their thirties and early forties today are the first generation to benefit from Title IX, and many of them have bodies that look different from those of their mothers, who exercised sparingly, if at all," notes exercise physiologist Cassandra Forsythe, Ph.D., R.D. "When you build a lot of muscle as a teenager, your testosterone levels can get slightly higher, and this could contribute to a slightly wider, more boyish middle. You don't see a lot of 23-inch waists these days." Exercise also limits body fat in the hip and butt area—where women typically store flab—which explains the slimmer hips."





Re: Will I look like mom? Not necessarily

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    Raynes- any advice on how to get rid of stomach fat? thats one of my problem areas.
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    [QUOTE]Raynes- any advice on how to get rid of stomach fat? thats one of my problem areas.
    Posted by cdream05[/QUOTE]

    I was told in my WW meeting that the main thing that burns stomach fat is low fat dairy. So if you have your two servings of fat free/low fat dairy (skim milk, yogurt, cheese) a day than that's the start.

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    Exercising as a kid gives you a less curvy figure as an adult? I'd really like to see more information on that. There are SO many reasons why today's young women had different upbringings than their mothers -- fitness is one, but also diet, food additives, and other things. The world changes a lot in sixty years or so. How can they pin it on childhood athletics?
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