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NYC Ballet/Ballet Workouts?

I'm seriously looking into starting some ballet-related workouts (could be interesting because I am NOT a dancer!)... has anyone tried the NYC Ballet DVDs or books? (Or any other brands?) My preference is more towards getting the book instead of the DVD, but I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who has tried this!
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Re: NYC Ballet/Ballet Workouts?

  • i love my NYC Ballet dvd.  Love it.  I couldn't imagine using just a book as the dvd is a constant visual reminder of the correct form.  I definitely recommend it.
  • I got the NYC ballet DVDs on Netflix to try them out.  I enjoyed them well enough, but not enough that I would go out an buy them.  I have a dance background but it's been a good decade now since I've done anything seriously- I enjoyed the barre and floor work parts quite a bit (though really you could get much the same workout in a good pilates class), but found the choreographed dance parts too fast-paced for me to keep up.  (That said, I have that problem with most cardio dance classes- I'm useless at Zumba, for instance.  I just always feel like I haven't learned the routine well enough to do it at the speed the classes go.)
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