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Best wii games for fitness?

I want to know which Wii games you love to work out to?  My friend has recommended Just Dance 3 and Wii fit.  

I want to know what you love. 

We got a wii and I want to figure out which ones to inveset in first! 

Thanks =) 

Re: Best wii games for fitness?

  • I like Wii Fit, but I think that Just Dance 2 is the best workout.
  • Wii Active 2 is awesome. It used to be expensive because of the heartrate monitor and thigh sensor, but you can usually find it on sale for $30 or less. I like the variety of excercises and that most times, you don't need the remote. I appreciate that it includes warm ups and cool downs. You will sweat! It may be hard on people with bad knees-lots of squats.

    Any of the gold's gym workouts are good too, but the Active 2 is better.
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  • We have a Wii and I've been doing about 15-30 minutes of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) 5 times a week.  It does get me sweating, it's fun, and according to my WebMD fitness tracker, it's about 300 calories gone for every 30 minutes.  :D

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  • I like Zumba, and I'd like to try Exer Beat (I think that's what it's called).  We have Wii Fit, it gets you off the couch, but that's about it. 
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  • I bought the wii fit 2 a few weeks ago and use it almost everyday. I love it. I've lost about 6 pounds, thats with eating healthy using all the exercises i do give me about 30 minutes a day, then i do 30 minutes of free step on the game but change the channel to watch TV. according to the game, the whole hour burns me over 300 calories. i think it's a little high though so I plan to invest in a HRM. 
  • I have a Wii Fit. I use the 30 min free step aerobics while watching tv (I have to restart to get a full hour in). I would recomend if this is your approach to getting a step raiser (the taller the better). My fit currently is about an inch taller than the house stairs and creates a better workout then just the flat board. I loved step aerobics in college, so I think that's where my preference was created. 

    I also have DDR and Just Dance. They are a ton of fun, especially with a good group of friends. 
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