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back pain after running?

I have been getting lower back pain after running. Does anyone else get this? I think I need to stretch out more before and after running. I do stretch but I'm not sure if it's enough if I'm still getting back pain. Any suggestions or should I just run through it? 
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Re: back pain after running?

  • Pain is your body's way of saying something is wrong.  Try stretching more before (after a warm up) and after and see if you still have the pain.  Beyond that, make sure you have good posture and form. 
  • How old are your shoes?  Old or worn shoes can cause any number of problems from your feet right on up.  I agree with the previous poster-'something' is amiss.  Stretching, hydration, and form are all key.  If nothing seems to help, make an appointment with a reputable Chiropractor or Kinesiologist and see if you are misaligned. 

    Hope that helps!

  • I used to get lower back pain when I ran.  I started doing yoga once a day that was more focused on stretching the back. My problem shortly went away but it only returns when I dont do my yoga. The best positions I can say really works is: cat and cow, neck rolls, childs position, forward fold, and downward dog. They all help release your back. Good luck
  • Ok Thanks, I will try some of these things!
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  • I had some back pain (and knee pain) running until I went to a running store to buy new shoes.  They watched me run and fit me with shoes specifically for the shape of my feet and how I run.  Made a WORLD of a difference.
  • Get your shoes checked out and I totally agree with the yoga!  Also when you run outside do you run mostly on paved roads or on dirt/gravel paths?  If you have to option try to run on the dirt or gravel paths or even next to the sidewalk on the grass if you can it will help reduce some of the impact.  When we run most of our runs are mostly on unpaved paths with some on the sidewalk and I have found that it has helped reduce my knee pain and back pain.  Good luck!!  
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  • You might also try to strengthen your back muscles--having "imbalances" in muscle strength in your core muscles can lead to discomfort during and after running (as well as the dreaded "runner's pooch"). People tend to focus on their abs and neglect their hips and back during strength training.

    As always, I recommend plank exercises (shown in the first part of THIS video) to strengthen all of your core muscles.
  • Is it pain or just aches/tightness? I know when I first started running again (after having not run for wayyy too long) that my lower back would ache, but I think it was just my body getting used to it again. It didn't last very long.
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  • I agree with arwo in that you need to be balanced.  Your lower back might hurt because your abs are weak.  Make sure to strengthen both your abs and back and that should hold true for the rest of your body (bi's and tri's, quad's and hami's)  Definately get your shoes checked out as well.  If you've worn them over 400 miles (you should keep track) or over 6 mos they'll need to be replaced.

    Good Luck...hope you feel better soon!
  • I think it could DEFINITELY be your posture. I find when I run for longer than an hour, I start to slouch and get terrible lower back pain. Standing up straight helps!
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  • I had the same thing and I agree with everyone here.  See a chiropractor, get better shoes, stretch, stay hydrated, Strengthen CORE! Good luck
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