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Getting in Shape


Has anyone ever tried to use acupuncture to lose weight/curb appitites? I work in a salon and we had a acupunturist come in and say that he has clients coming in to ask for this. They put the needles in your ears on a certain nerve/muscle and he says it curbs appitite.

Re: acupuncture?

  • I think this is a bit much, don't you? Who has an appetite that out of control that they need needles in their ears to stop it? I would try a bit of will power or weight watchers before I tried that.
  • i've heard of it and a guy at work tried it...it worked for him....Acupuntucre can help a plethora of issues....ie: migraines.... my doctor suffered terribly from migrianes and nothing worked but acupunture.

    For some folks losing weight is more then willpower....some have more difficulty.

    ASHLEYR......Nothing ventured nothing gained.....try it you might like it. It's worth a shot - There's something to be said for chinese medicine :-)  IMO
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    I wouldn't do that at least not for the reason you indicated. Losing fat is not about just losing it, its about maintaining it. 
    Changing your lifestyle is a much better option and cheaper in the long run. Your appetite is a natural thing and you shouldn't really suppress it. It's a way for you to gauge whether you are eating enough or too much. 

    Acupuncture works when you use it for the right purpose ie. muscular and pain relief.
  • I will swear by acupuncture for migraines, and I believe it has a role in other things too. I think it could be used in addition to other lifestyle modifications for weight loss, but I wouldn't put all of my faith in it if you were doing acupuncture and nothing else. Hope it works!
  • Even assuming that it does work, I don't think it's a great idea. As some of the previous posters have said, it's not just about losing the weight but keeping it off; that usually requires a lifestyle change, not a diet or an appetite suppressant. Are you really willing to keep paying for acupuncture for the rest of your life to keep suppressing your appetite so you don't gain the weight back?
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