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PeonyPrincess (and anyone interested in a great butt)

I can't see that video you posted right now, but I did Google Lyen Wong.  She's a figure/fitness competitor, which means a few things.

1) When she's competing, she's got a ridiculously low body fat %  Like, the kind of body fat percentage that can only be achieved by eating only boiled chicken breast and celery for 2 months and leads to you not getting a menstrual period.

2) She works out, a lot.  And with heavy weights.  Which is the only way to build that kind of definition (along with lowering your body fat percentage).

As for how to get an amazing butt, the man that knows it best is Brett Contreras, aka, The Glute Guy.  (

Focusing on big, compound exercises (like squats, and various deadlifts) is key.  As well as things like glute bridges.  Also key?  Using heavy weights and practicing progressive overloading (ie, constantly increasing the weight you're using).
We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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Re: PeonyPrincess (and anyone interested in a great butt)

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    I also wanted to touch on something else you said.

    [QUOTE]Raynes have you heard of Lyen Wong?  She is amazing.  I've seen some videos of her.  I think if you type in Lyen Wong glutes exercise you will see her doing the deadlift and some other exerices.  She has perfect glutes.  I want to acheive that.  She does squats and all that stuff.  Just one look at her is enough motivation to do what she does.  I believe she lifts some heavy weights like you spoke about and <strong>she's so little and buff though</strong>.  A perfect combination of looking petite but still having lots of muscle and defination.
    Posted by PeonyPrincesskdd[/QUOTE]

    We've been trying to hammer this thought into everyones heads for a while.  Lifting heavy weights will not make a normal women bulky.

    Unless you're taking steroids or testosterone women just can't build the same kind of mass that men can. 
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    Yeah that Lyen Wong is proof that you can lift those heavy weights and have a lean physique as a result of it.  I will check out that Brett Glute Guy link.  Thanks!
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