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Thursday WW Accountability

Re: Thursday WW Accountability

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    Somehow I lost another pound this week. I'm not complaining, but it's really confusing when you exercise and eat right yet gain .8, and then eat not so great and only workout once, and lose 1 lb! Lol I wish there was a steadfast formula!

    B: egg beaters and cheese (2) potatoes (1)

    S: Luna bar (3)

    L: Ham and cheese (3) veggies and dip (1)

    S: yogurt (1)

    D: stir fry? (6.5)

    total: 17.5
    target: 21
    WI: Wednesday
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    lmark, I know what you mean! I ate whatever I wanted to over thanksgiving and stayed even, yet this week when I've been back on track I'm sure I'll have gained. WI is tomorrow. I guess that long term it will make more sense, and I know that everyone on this board wants the long term results, but it doesn't make it any easier :-P 
    However, I also know that I feel better when I eat right, exercise, and get enough water. Do you?

    B: Egg, cheese, english muffin (4)
    L: Sesame chicken (7)
    D: Oven fried chicken (4) with mashed veggies (1) and gravy (2)
    S: Coffee (2)
    S: Hopefully I can find some veggies in my school's convenience store, but probably mini quesadilla (3) 
    Total: 23
    Target: 23
    WI: Tomorrow
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    congrats on the lb lmark, even if it is confusing, its still progress! i have weeks like that too- its weird.

    B: chex (4), coffee (2)
    L: salad w/ ff dressing (0) -- ran out of food in the house and worked till 9:30 last night so didnt go to the store!
    D: tbd FI is coming home from his business trip - something healthy for sure!

    Total: 6
    Target: 26

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    I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

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    I found out I'm tutoring tonight and thus will not be cooking, so here is the revised plan :-P

    B: egg cheese english muffin sandwich (4)
    L: Sesame chicken (7)
    Early Dinner: baked ziti (6)
    mid tutoring snack: luna bar (3)
    after tutoring snack: mini quesadilla (4)

    Total: 24
    Target: 23
    WI: tomorrow!

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    I totally feel better when I eat right and exercise! It's crazy how it affects your mood and body image. I went almost a week without exercising and I felt like I had gained 10 lbs even though I didn't. Amazing :)
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    I'm super late today-woops!  Congrats on the loss-sometimes it takes a couple weeks for your  body to finally give up the weight I think!

    B: pepperming mocha (3)
    L: chili leftovers (4)
    S: balance bar (4)
    D: chorizo with corn, peppers, and potatoes (10)
    S: A glass of red wine if I'm good all day :) (2)

    Total: 23
    Target: 23

    E: 42 min on the elliptical 20 min bike
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