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Thursday Accountability

Good morning!! Sooo glad the end of the week is upon us!
B- quaker oatmeal squares, skim milk, coffee (I soooooo wanted a bagel with cream cheese this morning....but resisted the urge)
L- didn't pack anything so maybe soup?
D- homeade buffalo chicken wraps with salad

E- HIIT...didn't get to it last night...went to a outdoor concert instead.......

Re: Thursday Accountability

  • Morning!  I baked last night and may have sampled one too many cookies.  I mean, quality control is important, but it was a bit excessive.  Oh well.  I had (and enjoyed) one cookie today and the rest go to my H and my coworkers!  At least it was a recipe from Cooking Light, right?

    B: overnight oats w/ peanut butter, chocolate protein powder and 1/2 banana (so good), coffee w/ skim milk
    S: apple and cottage cheese
    L: salad w/ spinach, chicken, green onion, avocado and quinoa w/ balsamic vinaigrette
    S: yogurt w/ protein powder and raspberries
    L: spinach salad w/ chicken, craisins, goat cheese and walnuts w/ balsamic vinaigrette

    E: FBB Base Phase Workout A4
    PW: protein shake w/ protein powder, raspberries and milk.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • That happens to me all the time, raynes. I always wind up having a give all the cookies away haha. But quality control is important and should be an official part of baking.

    B - 1/3c oats, water, milk cooked w/ chopped apple, cinnamon + coffee
    S - baby carrots and hummus
    L - spinach salad with salmon, bell pepper, mushrooms, black beans, chickpeas, feta, broccoli slaw, balasmic dressing + multigrain crackers
    S - honeycrisp apple
    D - I might get crazy and pull out my hot plate and cook some sweet potato gnocci I bought on impulse knowing that I don't have a stove/oven

    E - walk for 40-60 min, arms + back
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  • Hulloooo! I'm super sleepy today.. and super sore. I started back with the walking routine yesterday and I'm a little achey. I feel good for the most part though.

    B- kashi heart to heart cereal, skim milk, coffee
    S- baby carrots
    L- I didn't bring anything, so I'm probably going to go get a sub from subway in a few minutes, so I will have it after my walk.
    S- cinnamon applesauce
    D- no clue. FI closes, so I am on my own again. Knowing me, it will be scrambled eggs and sausage.

    E- 3 mile walk/run during lunch break, 60 min zumba class tonight (2 hours of cardio in one day, is that a bad idea? lol)
  • good morning ladies!  I only have today and tomorrow to work then off to Indiana to get MARRIED :)  so ready and excited.  Did anyone else lose weight the last 2 weeks before the wedding, without really trying??  I am eating healthy and still working out but the weight is coming off easily this week...weird.

    B:  choc/PB banana protein shake
    S;  apple
    L:  spinach salad with chicken, cheese, and red peppers
    S:  protein bar
    D:  out with friends at mexican restaurant

    E:  a.m. chest/back
       p.m. plyo p90x and abs
  • alhecker!  Exciting!

    I know that for people that don't eat when they get stressed, they generally lose weight before the wedding.  I am/was (working on that) a stress eater, so I had to be careful.  Have an awesome time!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • peony, I buy a big plastic box of spinach or field greens each week.  The brand I buy is Canadian, but it looks like this:

    I like that the tub is resealable. 

    That amount will get me through 4 lunch salads (but I add a LOT of toppings) and at least one dinner (either salads or a spinach frittata).
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • I buy spinach in a bag and throw it in EVERYTHING I cook, FI thinks I'm nuts. I put it in my piccata last night, enchilladas the other day, etc.
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  • I'm back! Officially now a Mrs. and time to get back on the good eating wagon (a week in Jamaica doesn't allow for good eating and less alcohol intake. The rum is tooooo good to pass up!) No pics yet but hopefully soon!

    B - apple crumb Vita Top muffin top w/ peach DanActive
    S - banana
    L - 1/2 chicken italiano wrap leftover (chicken, mozzarella, mushrooms, spinach and onion)
    S - salad w/ 1 tbsp or less green goddess salad dressing
    D - 3 raviolis w/ basil pesto sauce and chicken, 1 c. 1% milk

    E - 30 minutes on the elliptical, possibly 30DS if we get back from the vet appt early enough
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  • Thanks ladies!!  I will continue to be online till next Friday though...just back in Indiana :)  spinach question-I buy the spinach in a bag also.  Just easiest for me!
  • Welcome back MRS ctappin!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • oh what a day it was today!

    B- overnight oats
    S- necturine, fruit cup
    L- chicken salad wrap and macaroni salad ( i ate the whole thing too!)
    S- pickles
    D- smart one

    E- 20 minute jog. I hurt my wrist the other day and can't really lift weights, which really sucks. I might try to do light weights tomorrow.
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