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Workout Accountability: Friday

TGIF!  And why in the world am I up so early?

Our LAST day of p90x went really well.  It's technically not the last day because there's still a recovery week left (which has it's own set of workouts) - but the basic routine is finito!  kw - I'll post a review for you in just a bit.  (The real last day, including recovery, will be the day of my RD, so I might be a bit busy to do it then.)

Eating was on track until my mom basically forced me out to dinner, which meant sushi and wine, so my calories and sodium went over.  I'm a bit afraid to get on the scale.  She's already said we're going for ice cream after we load up the cars tonight, so at least I can budget ahead and try to save enough calories.  Mind you, she's 5'0" and like 100 lbs (I'm realizing this post probably makes it sounds like she's not quite the fit/active person she really is Smile)

And, for the weekend, tomorrow we leave!!!  The wedding is a destination, so we're going to spend the week ahead there.  I'll be working part of the time, so will still be on here.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!   What are you all up to?

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    Good morning ladies!

    Guess I was sleeping this morning, slept through my alarm for about 20 minutes, so decided I'll work out tonight and continued to sleep till quarter of seven! 

    Was kinda down on myself for it, till I got to work and saw this fb message from a friend of mine:

    I wanted to tell you you look amazing, you have worked so hard to loose weight and you can see it has totally paid off. Your my inspiration and many others.

    Made me smile and rethink my priorities! :)

    Food was on track yesterday, despite going to a ball game after the gym.  Our stadium sells veggie burgers ... something I didn't know and was glad to learn!

    Happy Friday lovies!

    @lobsters -- have a GREAT time ... we'll miss you around here!  And I'm sure everyone will be thinking of you.
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    Good morning ladies!

    Yesterday was good on workouts, bad on food. I got a walk in with co-workers in the afternoon, then after work I went to the gym and got 15 minutes on the stairmaster and 30 on the elliptical. I did attempt some weightlifting but for some reason I can't seem to lift very well (I've been failing much too quick the last two times I lifted).

    Tonight I have a huge list of stuff I have to get done for the wedding, so I'm not sure I'll get much cardio in. I'll try to take a walk this afternoon at the very least.
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    Happy Friday everyone!

    I just stopped in on the way to the spare room (that's where the elliptical is). It's a rainy day here, so roof truss construction is on hold for me! I can feel the hammering and lifting that we did yesterday - my arms are stiff this morning.

    Right now I'm only doing intervals on the elliptical. I do plan to add to this program, I'm just doing it gradually for now - making sure that I'm establishing a routine. If I go too hard too fast, I know that I'll get frustrated with slow progress. I have to figure out what I will add to my personal program. A few years ago I was doing an elliptical workout followed by various weight training exercies from fitness magazines. It worked well, but not as well as Insanity!

    For me the biggest challenge is eating well, so I'm trying to focus on that as well. I don't like eating, so it's a struggle for me to want to do it.

    I totally get the 'not eating enough calories' thing. I've been it's victim before.

    Enjoy your workouts, eat well, and have a great weekend ladies!
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    Good Morning

    Day 3..…feeling a little fatigued today, I think my body is just adjusting to the reduced calories and increased activity ...hopefully this adjustment stage is short lived. Good news is I jumped on the scale this morning because I want my weekly weigh in to be on Fridays and I was down 2.5 lbs from Wednesday, I realize this is just water weight but it’s still nice to see a lower number.

    Wedding related…we met with our photographer last night to go over our photo list and day of details and to pay off the balance, feels good to cross something off the list
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    Work out fail this week. I worked out like twice. Pathetic! It's been a rough week. My dog has been getting sick :( I think she is not adjusting well to the move. I moved into FI's house a little less than 2 weeks ago. She's been there before but I dont think she knows she lives there yet. I am just super worried about it. There has also been drama going on with FI's brother, who is supposed his best man. SUPPOSED to be - he hasn't decided if it's worth his precious time to come to our wedding yet. FI is so upset. He has 2 brothers, they were supposed to be his best men. We don't know what is going on with the other brother. But it has been a very stressful week. I hope to maybe sneak in some weights tonight after dinner.
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    Happy Friday everyone!

    @Lobsters - so excited for you - you're SOO close now!! I'll definitely be thinking of you in a week!

    @Maribeth - really sorry to hear about your FI's brother troubles :( hopefully he can put his big girl panties on and realize he should be there for his brother!

    Today I'm down 1.6 from where I was last week :) The last of my camping weight (which I determined was a 1.5 pounds water weight and 0.5 pounds fat weight) has left me, and a little more! Woot!

    Today's a busy day, I'm packing stuff up to move it to my sister's house in Edmonton (where I'll be starting school on Sept 4). We're staying overnight in Edmonton, and the next day we're going to go to IKEA (can look for stuff for her house as well as wedding decor), Olive Garden for lunch, and then to a movie! Should be good. We'll get lots of walking in in IKEA!
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    Happy Friday everyone! 

    Yesterday I did a slightly shorter bike ride home but it is harder as the hill is a shorter steeper climb.   I managed to make it to the top without walking, althopugh I did have to stop a few times.  I consider this progress.  

    Speaking of progress I am 1.5 pounds away from being in the 150s again.  I am hoping I can lose that before the HM in 2 weeks.    I should be able to if I stay on plan.  

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    Hey ladies,

    Great job everyone on your workouts today!  Let's keep them up!

    Today was supposed to be a rest day for me, but since we're going to visit FI's family in upstate NY for the weekend, I decided to skip the rest and do Boot Camp.  About 10 minutes in I realized why they suggest a rest day!  My arms and legs were killing!  I got a little dizzy but kept going.  I'm so stressed that I'm really not eating much at all.  I could only get in 1/2 an english muffin for breakfast. 

    Have a great weekend!
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    @lobsters congrats, travel safely, and enjoy!!!!

    Yesterday was essentially an off day for me.  Took a mile walk with my fiance but that was it.  I guess it was needed because i was feeling a bit worn down.  Sometimes I have a hard time motivating myself after a rest day, but I've laced up my shoes and am heading out for a (hopefully) 4-5 mile run.  Then some pilates and a walk in the evening!

    On an exciting front, yesterday we booked our photographer and I'm pretty sure I found my wedding dress as well!  Yay!!  Also, my fiance and I are leaving tomorrow morning for vacation (going to Cabo for 4 nights) so I probably won't be posting for a bit.  Going to try to unplug and really just enjoy (I've never been to anywhere "resort-ish" before, so this'll be very new for me!).  It's vacation so I'm sure my eating will be not so healthy, but we've also planned some really active things, such as hiking, climbing, ziplining, etc, so hopefully things won't get too off-track.

    Until next time then ladies, keep up the great work!!
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    I didn't go to the gym today.  My thighs are super sore today, in that horrible way that makes going from sitting to standing a lot of work.  I did do a bunch of walking though.  My FI and I went to Crate & Barrel and BBB to fiddle with our registries.  We walked around the two stores for a couple of hours, maybe even three, so that was good.  I had hoped the walking would loosen up my thighs and lessen the pain, but that didn't work out.  I'm going to spend a while stretching later, and then use some more Icy Hot.  The roll on version is great for days like today.
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