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Workout Accountability: Friday!

Christmas Eve is tomorrow! I can't believe it!
Actually I can, because that was the reason I was up most of the night doing a marathon of baking.  Didn't get to work out, but I was on my feet for 6 straight hours (no joke) putting stuff together.  I didn't even taste test either, since I was so tired by the time I finished everything.  I will say that I never want to see a damn oreo ever again. 

I hope to get a quick run in tomorrow morning before all the festivities start.  Anyone have fun Christmas plans?  We're heading home to NY and I have the week off from work.
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Re: Workout Accountability: Friday!

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    Managed to actually get to the gym last night (it was abandoned, go figure!). 30 minutes of cardio on elliptical (really pushed myself and upped the levels so I was sweating like crazy!) and then I did a quick 15 mins with weight lifting.

    Of course when I got home we discovered that our shower didn't work! They messed with the pipes earlier in the morning at our apartment complex and it had done something to our I ended up having to "shower" in the sink. It was the least fun I've had in a long time.

    Tonight we're travelling across the state to our parent's house and then we have normal family activities tomorrow and Xmas, and then it's FI's birthday on Xmas so we'll be throwing  him a crazy bday party! Should be fun.
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    Jude- I couldn't have resisted taste testing no matter HOW tired I am!!!

    Entropic- sorry about your shower :(  Stock up on some hand sanitizer & baby wipes.  You will be so fresh and so clean-clean!

    As for my workout last night- it was EPIC.  I met up with a running group in my area.  They had indicated that the run would be about 8 miles at about a 9:30 pace.  It's a little fast but I'm always up for a challenge.  Well, not only was it already dark when we met up, it started POURING rain, like torrential downpour type of rain.  We were running on trails along the river, in the dark, in the rain.  They were so slick, rocky, rooty, and hilly that I really thought I was going to slip & fall into a ravine & die.  I'm not a drama queen by any stretch of imagination, but I really wasn't sure I was going to live.

    I did live, but the pace was more like 8:50 to 9 min per mile, and I rolled my ankle somewhere around mile 5.  Our end distance was over 8.5 miles. 

    Never, ever, in a million years, did I think I'd be one of those lunatics running at night, in the rain, on muddy trails, wearing a reflective vest & a headlamp.  OMG I am insane :(
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    I went to the gym and ran for 40 minutes on the treadmill.  Since we have a half of a day today I am going to go home eat a heatlhy lunch and hit up the gym early.  I ran twice this week for 40 minutes so I think I am going to run for 20 and then go on the elliptical for 20 minutes.  Running too many days back to back gets too boring for me.

    Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!!

    Medicapril make sure you are icing your ankle today!!
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    Thanks Lady!  It's elevated for now but as soon as I get home I will be icing it again.  It's already turning purple- it was just a deep shade of red this morning :( 
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    entropic: Nice work, and I'm sorry about your shower, that sucks. But at least you're going away so you don't have to deal with a lack of proper shower!

    Medi,  You're intense.  I love running in the rain during the summer, but I'm definitely not brave enough for December... or to go at night. And take care of that ankle!
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    I haven't worked out since Tuesday due to being under the weather. I am going to MI this afternoon to see FI's family. Hopefully I can be somewhat active over the next week. I'm also hoping not to freeze. This FL girl does not like the cold.

    I hope everyone has safe travels and enjoys the holiday.
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    Only did about 20 minutes of my leg and back workout. But oh well, I tried my hardest and it was starting to get really painful. Then I did a 5 minute ab workout. Happy Friday everyone. And Merry almost Christmas!
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    Did my 5K at race pace.  Wasn't too bad!  I probably won't get any exercise in until Tuesday now because I have a jam packed weekend.  Good job everyone!
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