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Insanity workout?

Has anyone used this program? Does it work? 

Re: Insanity workout?

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    My fiance' and I would like to try it sometime, unfortunately we do not know anyone thats done it before. However, his sister did the P90x which I guess is sorta similar and she loved it, said it really kicked her butt. She ended up falling off the bandwagaon and actually never finished it so I dont know how "ripped" she would have gotten but she did lose a ton of weight. I will tell you though, P90x and Insanity are pricey. I want to say it was like $115 or somethin? I wish our local movie rental places would rent out the Insaity or any exercise movies, that way we could try it first lol.
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    I am doing it now. Yes it works but you need to follow the meal plan. You can get Insanity pretty cheap on Amazon.  
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    my FI and I have done both P90X and Insanity. Right he is doing both of them together. They both work great. P90X builds more muscle, while Insanity trims fat as well, it is all cardio.
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    Yes it works. I'm on day 14 and I can already see results. Just make sure to stay committed and follow the meal plan (or at least a supplement drink after working out). It really does work!
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    My mom and I just started this program.  It's a great workout but, if you're not in decent shape already, you may want to work your way up to it.  We finished P90X about a month ago and although we had good results, some of the exercises were too much for us.  We were able to find Insanity on ebay, new, for $75. 

    If you're not looking to spend that much money, I highly recommend the Jillian Michaels Dvd's.  Especially "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism" and "No More Trouble Zones".  I travel constantly for work and some hotel gyms are limited in what they provide.  Her Dvd's are pretty intense and help me stay in shape while I'm traveling.
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    My FI and I just recently purchased insanity from Ebay brand new for $70.00. Neither of us really want to lose weight but we would both like to get back into shape and tone our bodies. This board is really giving me the inspiration that I believe I will need once we start. If anyone is interested in also doing the insanity workout I would love to start a post where we can do weekly updates with one another to help encourage and support one another!Laughing
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