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Workout Accountability Thursday

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The plague that has attacked me continues to ravage my immune system with only brief moments of clarity to assure me that I am in fact not dead.....yet. Death would be a sweet release but this plague is not nearly that considerate, opting instead for slow painful death.

Just kidding all,

Happy almost friday

Yesterday I did not work out but I also didnt eat anything....really my calorie count for the day was under 500 (most of that from the honey I was  putting in my tea) Today I forced myself back to work and packed a lunch and am going to *try* and eat at least some of it.
Hope you guys are doing better on the workout front then I am.
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Re: Workout Accountability Thursday

  • @souptin - sorry you're still not feeling that great, hopefully today is better!

    Yesterday I went on a walk with co-workers in the afternoon, then it was once again such a beautiful day that DH and I decided to ride our bikes down to the park and play disk golf. Got over 15,000 steps for the day, which felt good. Haven't been that active in a while it feels like.

    Today/tonight I'm hoping to get another afternoon walk, and then I have errands to run after work so I don't think I'll be putting much effort into exercise today.

    I hope everyone did well!
  • @ souptin- hope you feel better soon! Being sick sucks!

    Yesterday, ran about a mile with the dog, then dropped him off at home and ran another couple miles. A little too warm for him to run the whole time, but hopefully it got enough of his energy out that he won't destroy the house today. Stayed on track with food yesterday too. 

    Not sure about today. Getting allergy tested this afternoon, and not sure if I'll want to workout after. Plus, FI's college buddy is staying with us tonight, so might end up going out to dinner with him. 
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  • @souptin - feel better soon!  Don't push yourself too hard or it will just take longer to feel better.

    Last night was Zumba.  Lots of fun and it kicked my butt.  I was good on the food front until after my workout.  By the time I got home and DD to bed I couldn't move I was so tired and had chips and salsa for dinner.  Hopefully  I am better on self control today since I can't make it to the gym tonight.  
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  • My mom made fish last night with rice pilaf. The fish was steamed with a light cracker topping so delicious. No gym today, might try to get on the treadmill at lunch. Very unmotivated and had to do a lot of laundry. Hopefully will have a good food day. 
  • Yesterday went very well. I ate healthfully and went to the gym for cardio and did the challenge for both Tuesday and Wednesday. Tonight will be taking a walk as I have to go the store after work so won't get home till late and the challenge for today. Love those ab workouts! Food hopefully will remain good.
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    @kwitherington - I love fish too but don't make it often either because it's expensive but then when we we're eating I noticed my mom hadn't had any. Turns out she doesn't like fish she just always makes it for me and my dad! I told her no more cooking it if she won't eat it considering we're guests and up for any homecooked meal!
  • It's been wayyyy too long since I've posted. Since being back from the honeymoon I started school again so I've been really busy. And I've been barely working out so I need to get my butt in gear. I did get to the gym yesterday and this morning. I need to make myself get to the gym early enough tomorrow to do 4 miles. My honeymoon bloat/weight gain is almost gone! Just another 1.5 lbs to go. I gained like 7 lbs in a week! But I lost 4 of those lbs right away, so I assume it was just water weight. I hope so anyways.
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  • ^Awww Souptin - feel better and take it easy...

    ^maribeth, lovely pic!

    Today I spent six hours in the woods with 42 teenagers. We only lost four ... lol

    Half of the grade 8s went on the field trip today, and the other half go tomorrow, and I get to go then too! It was cool and we got caught in a shower, but not a bad day overall. We did a hike, studied soil and water samples in the morning, came back to the chalet for lunch (it was held at the local nordic ski club). After lunch we did two hours of hiking/geocaching. It was all hills and about half was off trail, so I guess that will have to count for today, as I have to go back to school tonight for meetings.

    Four DID get separated from their group, but our group picked them up along the way.

    No children were harmed in the making of this field trip.
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  • Thank you :) I would be more than happy to share a couple pics! @K I'm pretty sure we wore the same earrings!! Did you order from Etsy??
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    I hope you feel better soon, Souptin!!

    I threw in the towel, totally gave up.  About all I do exercise-wise is when I'm at work I engage my abs when I bend over and stuff like that, but I've come to a slight realization that the counting calories and trying to figure out the numbers just wasn't working for me, if anything it was stressing me more.  I did lose the 8 pounds I managed to put on overnight over the last few weeks, and while I haven't stepped back on the scale yet, my tummy looks better to me.  I did have to get a new dress for my friend's wedding, FI was awesome and took me and supported me and we found a suitable replacement, not as formal as I was hoping, but go figure, it was the same darn size as everything else, including the dress that DIDN'T fit ;p  yay for different material and cut. I think I'm eating better and that's helping though, I still do my snacks that are pretty healthy throughout the day at breaktimes but sofar this week I've had no caffeine or carbonated beverages, I think that may be helping more than I realize. I'm not eating a lot of junk, minus the cookie dough I had when I got home today because I was so tired I just wanted to cry ;)  I'm HOPING to have Saturday Oct 5 off so I can take my dress in to be altered and do my first fitting. It'd be my first day off since this monday, I'm so needing a break :/  
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