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weight loss motivation?

Hi ladies!  I don't want to be too long winded so I'll jump right into it: I would like to lose about 20 pounds to be at my ideal weight. I know what I need to do (mostly eat less- I really like food) and exercise.  My problem is motivation. I just can't get myself to do what I need to do. I don't like how I look and I'm upset with myself for doing nothing about it. 

Does anyone have any motivation tips? Anything that keeps you going toward your weight loss goals?  Any thoughts you all have would definitely be appreciated!

Re: weight loss motivation?

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    FI and I have came up with a list of reasons that we want to be fit and healthy. Our list includes feeling good about how we look for pictures, having the energy to do all of the things we want to do on our honeymoon, being healthy for our future kids, and breaking the cycle his family has with food/eating issues in our own family.

    We initially started by turning our date night into something other than dinner and a movie. We decided that we would do something physical instead. Bike rides, batting cages, hikes, swimming, things like that. It worked really well. After that we actually started doing the C25K program and are having great success with that. We just completed our first 5K that we didn't walk in! Now we have goals pertaining to that (lowering our times).

    Hang around here and join the accountability posts. These girls are great and are fantastic motivation!


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    I like starr's idea about making date night, and other fun activities, NOT about food and sitting around.  
    However, let's call it what it is - if your opinion of your appearance isn't motivating you enough, then you need to find whatever does it for you.  None of us can give you ideas to get started if the one thing you don't like doesn't even do it.  I mean, what do you want to wait for - a health scare?  Or maybe you need positive reinforcement, like looking at what will happen if you lose the weight, rather than how you don't like things now.
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    Fat loss and healty lifestyle are very personal choices. If you can't find your own motivation, chances are other can't give it to you either. It's almost like needing AA or rehab - you won't succeed unless you are genuinely committed and actively want to make the changes needed to change your life.
    WHY do you want to lose weight?
    Is that reason enough to have you push away a temptation, or ignore the desire to veg out after work rather than hit the gym? FIND what your turning point is, then hold it close.

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    Fi and I decided to ride our bikes to our honeymoon destination.  Our honeymoon is about 400 miles from where we live so we bike 5 to 10 miles each day and our goal is to get there a week before the wedding. If we reach our goal we are going to splurge a little on our honeymoon and go on a seaplane ride.  We are about 230 miles in and we have a little less than 2 months to go..  Hopefully we can make it :)
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    welp for me it was trying on the dress that i fell in love with but ultimately looking like an overstuffed breakfast burrito. i made sure and took plenty of photos too. while that dress is definitely for me, trying it on forced me to come face to face with what i need to do. i cannot under any circumstance walk down the aisle in my current state in that dress and be fly.

    lucky for me a coworker became engaged around the same time as me. last week we started the couch to 5k program. this week we have incorporated a new eating and weightlifting program. we both are strong where the other is weak so this should be interesting. i wish you the best.
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