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Anyone around? Maybe a little Weekend WA?

TK seems quiet in general today.  I guess everyone else isn't hiding inside from the weather like we are right now.

How was everyone's weekend? (Or 'is' for everyone with a 3-day!)

Re: Anyone around? Maybe a little Weekend WA?

  • Hello. Not much going on here. I just made brownies and bought Oreos for the topping, but H wants to put them in ice cream instead. Thanks again for the recipe. This is a perfect example of the weekend we are having. No exercise and bad food which will hopefully only be contained to today. I was supposed to run with my best friend tomorrow (who is training for her first 5k yay!) but the freezing wind altered our plans. Instead, we are meeting for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory to come up with a training plan. Lol. Tonight I may finally get around to finalizing our wedding album photos. It's the very last thing left to do.
  • Isn't this weather the worst?  It's supposed to feel like 4 degrees by midnight.

    I love that you're meeting at Cheesecake instead of running, that's awesome!  I do really enjoy their new 'light' menu, though - it makes going their almost less stressful I feel like.

    We're eating a little extra tonight, too, but mainly because I feel so hungry.  I managed to avoid the cake at the shower, which was a win, but did eat a brownie or two this weekend.

    Have fun putting the photos together!
  • Omg it's crazy... It's been so nice and sunny that it seems warmer than it really is. But we are getting close to the end, hopefully. Yes... I like their light menu and the lunch sized salads. They have a lot of good choices. I'm so glad my friend is excited about it. I registered her for the Spring Lake Five too, so the 5k is just a start. Stay warm!
  • Hey!

    We're facing the possibility of another snow day tomorrow ...

    Busy weekend for me - killer workout yesterday (cardio and new weight circuit) - my quads and hamstrings are so heavy today! 8am drama practice this morning, baby shower this afternoon, snowmobiling for 2 hours after that, and just finished making some ham and cheese turnovers for the upcoming week. Now that I've got the butter substitution for shortening, my baking is back on track!

    So cute: one of the boys in DD's class has a crush on her. His mom sent me a message this morning asking if he could stop by later on, he had a little something for her. He bought her a little necklace out of his own money, and gave it to her in a card, signed "love." He shook FI's hand (FI teaches at their school, but they'd never been formally introduced), and he and DD played cards and video games while his mom and I chatted. Too sweet!

    It appears that our deep freeze is ending - finally!!! We had about 6 weeks in the -40s. That's COLD!
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    Jenny, that story is too cute! And way to go this weekend! Your temps make ours seem like nothing, but I'm still cold :)
  • Nah, you guys are getting the weather I spent the last 30+ years living in. That Atlantic chill is brutal! It gets into your bones and doesn't let go!

    I thought people were joking when they said  the inland cold was different, but it totally is!
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