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Any Somersizers?

I bought the newer Suzanne Somers book on my Kindle (Lose Weight on Fabulous Foods or something), and have gotten to part 2 so far (starting Sugars). It all kind of makes sense and I'm willing to try but have some questions. I know the further I read into the book these questions will probably be answered but I want to start this life change asap, and I don't know how fast I can get through the book.

She says don't eat carbos with pro/fats. Does this mean no sandwiches, pizza, or CHIPOTLE? That cuts out a lot of food options. I looove Chipotle and Panera, so if I can't eat bread with turkey or rice with chicken then it will be harder than I thought!

And can you treat yourself? If there is a taboo food/meal, can you cheat every once in a while? Or will this completely throw you off? (this deals with my Chipotle/Panera addiction)

I know I need to finish the book, but any little tips and hints to start me off while I try to process and learn this information would be helpful.

Re: Any Somersizers?

  • Wait, don't eat carbs with protein or fats?  Last I heard, there was a huge movement to ONLY eat carbs if you're pairing with protein or fat.  So, you can only eat carbs if you're ONLY eating carbs?

    That sounds like a load of shiit.

    Everything the light touches is my kingdom.
  • I don't know, in the beginning it had a small tidbit on what to pair together but said they would go more in depth later in the book...
    You can combine carbs and veggies, and proteins and veggies, but not carbs and proteins.. and should eat fruits alone. I think it has something to do with how each group affects each other or how it's digested, but again, might have to reread and find out in the more in depth chapter. I don't think there is evidence that this helps with losing weight, but in step one of the plan you cut out all sugars, alcohol, and starches so that in itself should cause weight loss.

    I figured I would give it a try, no harm in it. There's two steps, the first step is weight loss and the rules are pretty harsh, but once you lose what you want it's on to step two which is more lenient. A lot of people have seen results and I don't want to "diet" I want to change my eating habits.
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