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Does anyone have any good ideas/remedies to get rid of bloating? For the past 2 months or so I have been constantly bloated...haven't gained a single pound, just constantly have a belly pouch! I'm not overweight, actually in pretty good shape, I eat pretty well, workout at least 3 times a week and can't shake this, I am always puffy looking/feeling. Has anyone else had this problem at some point that lasted this long?

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    cutting soda can help along with fake sweetners.
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    Are you eating a lot of salty foods?  Salt can cause bloating.
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    Drink lots and lots of water to offset the sodium you take in. If you work out the standard 8 glasses a day isn't going to cut it. Try cutting back on any frozen dinners, lunch meats, or diet sodas you might intake. Those are all high in sodium and keep you bloaty. 
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    Drink more water.  Your body will hold water if you aren't drinking enough of it.  If that or your salt intake isn't the problem I would say get checked out by your doctor.
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    Processed foods can cause bloating as well as allergies/intolerances to gluten and lactose. If you cut that stuff out as well as any artificial sweeteners and you're still bloated see your doctor. However, I was tested to Celiac and a host of other dietary issues which came back negative. I cut out gluten and my chronic bloating went away as did my eczema  and my face has cleared up and I have way more energy. And my seasonal allergies have reduced 80%. If I'd listened to the doctor I'd still be a very sick puppy! Try eliminating common food allergens (gluten, lactose, tree nuts) and see what happens. 
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