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How to word this?

My FI is from a very small town in New York and we have 70-100 people on our guest list that would be from his side up there. We pushed up our wedding date to June for practical reasons (my 4 year old need to start pre-k and end pre-k in the same place).

That being said, I know for a fact 95% of them won't be able to make the trip (mostly because FMIL has talked to the majority of them already). It's expensive, and pretty last-minute since we didn't send out save the dates.

We are flying up to NY during Thanksgiving and would like to have an informal reception/dinner with all of his friends and family up there to celebrate with them as well. However, we are definitely still inviting them for ettiquite reasons even though we know they can't come.

So how do we word this on the invitation? Do we enclose a separate card? Not include it at all? We want his friends & family to know that we want to include them, we understand they won't be able to make it, and not to worry because we are planning on celebrating with them during Thanksgiving holiday?
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Re: How to word this?

  • I wouldn't worry about an enclosure. We also had a ton of people on our list that MIL insisted would not make the trip, but they came anyway. Just send normal invitations, and maybe have your FMIL spread the word about a NY reception. That way people who MIGHT make the trip won't be put out if they spend the money on travel and hotel only to find out you are coming to then later. In any case, I would make the NY reception a separate invite.



  • We are doing something very similar in FI's hometown in Arkansas. His parents are throwing it and calling it a 'shower'. However, it's going to be a 'display shower' which I had never heard of, but apparently people drop their gifts off that morning, FI and I open them that afternoon with our parents, and then we display them out during the party, which will be from 7-midnight.
    We are doing this because FI's dad is the only doctor in town and has SO many friends and associates that won't make the 8 hour drive to Dallas.
  • I agree with Amanda.  Just send regular invitations to all, including those in NY and then separate invitations to the NY reception. 
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