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Switching from WW to MFP

I just cancelled my basically unused WW subscription and am giving MFP a shot.  So far, it looks like a good site.  I used SP in the past, and like it, but I don't really want to see all of the points earned stuff again.  That site was a time sink for me in a useless attempt to earn lots of points.  The only thing I don't see, that I liked on SP is a pre-planned fitness routine.  Am I missing it, or should I just figure out my own strength routine?
I'm hoping to feel up to going to the gym next week.  I've been basically in bed (we lack a couch) since Sunday night with a nasty sinus infection.  I'd love to just walk around the neighborhood, but I'm dizzy today.
If anyone would like to be my "friend" on MFP, my name there is the same as here.
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Re: Switching from WW to MFP

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    I added you :)
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    There are no pre-planned fitness routines on MFP.  Keep in mind that the target that MFP gives you includes exercise - so you can eat more on exercise days.  Also MFP can overestimate the calories burned, depending on what you're doing and what the exercise is.

    What is your exercise program already?  What are you interested in doing?  If you haven't done much then C25K is a great beginner/starter program to get you moving with a defined program that is well established.
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    I'm trying to get back into a routine of hitting the gym three days a week (MWF).  I typically do 30 mins on the elliptical, 30 mins of weights, and at least 10 mins of stretching.  I have a basic plan from Sparkpeople that hits all my muscle families in 30 minutes.
    Leg press
    Chest press
    Tricep Extension
    Back Extension
    Other than the crunches, these are all on machines.  It's not a lot of weight work, but it's a start.  I lost weight in the past, but have gained almost all of it back.  Last time, I tracked my food and worked out.  I did 3-4 days/week of cardio and a lot more strength training.  I want to build back up to doing the 60-90 minutes of weights I used to do.  I miss lifting.
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