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Hello ladies (i apologize in advance if this is a little lengthy), 

my fiance and i got engaged over memorial day weekend and are currently planning an October 2011 wedding (eeek! 3 1/2 months away!). we are getting married on the beach in florida, so of course i want to look and feel awesome (not only in my wedding dress, but i also am going to be rocking a bikini for the week!). i've been finding it difficult to kickstart my workouts, as i have been meaning to start them for the past month. but today i started the 30 day shred and I LOVED IT! quite honestly, i didn't think it was possible to sweat that much in 20 min! i also started riding a stationary bike for 30 min (3 times so far this week, but the goal is 4-5 days) and i would like to start running a bit as well. 

for the most part, i tend to be pretty good about my eating habits, but i have a HORRIBLE sweet tooth. and my cravings are pretty bad.

so i suppose my questions are: 

1. do you think 3 1/2 months is enough time to tone up and lose a few inches?

2. what do you do to cut down on your cravings? 
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