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Weight Gain: Love Pounds or Something Else

HI Ladies, growing up I was often told to beware weight gain when you get into a cozy relationship.  I was told it's like the "freshman 15" that you supposedly gain when you go to college and that if you aren't careful you can really blow past a healthy weight.  It does seem like since I moved in with FH that my ability to maintain my previous weight has declined significantly along with my willpower and exercise regimen.  Meanwhile, cooking tasty meals and baking things from scratch together has gone up.  So, I was wondering did any of you ladies notice a difference as you got closer to your partner? 

Re: Weight Gain: Love Pounds or Something Else

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    I lost a ton of weight before married, but yup, I had a newlywed nine for sure.  That's what I'm back trying to work off now.
  • I actually lost weight the first year that FI and I were dating.  I lost about 10 lbs, I think.  But, we were both 19 and living in the dorms and eating in the cafeteria for most meals.  So it was pretty easy for me to eat healthy while he at pizza and burgers.  That was also the year I became a vegetarian, so I ate a ton of salads. 

    The second year we were long distance, so I was still eating just what I wanted. 

    In the years that we lived together, I both gained and lost weight.  I don't think any of it really had to do with being in a relationship. 
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  • I answered the 3rd one, because just before dating DH, I had gone on medical weightloss and had lost 90lbs but still had about 10 more to go, when I started dating him though I stopped doing the fake protein crap plan and started eating real food again, which did make me gain a ton of weight back. 3 months after starting to date DH I went abroad to New Zealand for 3 months and ate appallingly bad while I was there and gained even more weight back (Combination of not really being able to cook for myself living in a hostel and emotional eating because I missed my family and friends).

    I've always had issues with weight though, and my husband helps try to keep me on a healthy path. Now we attempt to cook more often than we eat out and we try to put all natural healthy things in our bodies. I would not attribute my weight gain specifically to being in a happy relationship.
  • I always lose weight in relationships. I think I freak out a little and worry about the gain of getting comfy in a relationship so I go the opposite way. 
  • I gained a few pounds for a few reasons:

    1- H is a big foodie and we went out to dinner all the time (still do)
    2- H is a guy who needs to eat "real meals" so when I moved in with him, I couldn't regulate my meals like I used to
    3- I wanted to spend time with H so it's a reason not to workout

    Luckily, when H wanted to lose 35 lbs before our wedding, our eating habits changed.  As a result, we both lost weight.  He is also a really good golfer and is gone on weekend mornings 6 months out of the year, which gives me the opportunity to go to the gym or run. 

    This Newlywed Nine pounds is going to be the death of me, though.  I got on the scale today after a week of good eating and it went UP. 
  • My weight yo-yos like crazy to begin with. But when FI and I started dating was while I was still an undergrad in college and even though I lived off campus I still kept a meal plan. We used it to get pizza and wings every weekend. Needless to say, we both gained quite a bit of weight. And we're both pretty active and athletic, so it was extra crummy, but our own doing. We're both working hard to lose weight now and trying to get back down to the weights we were when we first started dating. 
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  • I gained a lot of weight after I started dating the Mister. Portion control did not exist when we ate together- I ate the same amout as him and packed on the pounds. After a couple years I lost the weight (using portion control and a tiny bit of exercise), and then we moved in together and I gained about 15 back. Gr. That's what I'm currently working on. He does most of the cooking, so recently I adjusted my lunch and dinner portions which has helped immensely.
  • I gained almost 40lbs in the first year and a half that my FI moved in together. It was awful. It was mostly because we would go out to eat ALL THE TIME. I also think it was because I was working 2nd shift then (3p-11p) & didnt really have a normal eating schedule. I would just binge eat at night. It was gross. This past June I got put on a daily medication and I have lost 40lbs since then. But that is not due to exercise. Its just bc the med I am on makes me have no appetite. Some days I can go almost all day without eating and not even realize it. I eat because I have to, not because I want to. Its super unhealthy, I know. I have started watching how much I eat now. I dont put much on my plate anymore bc it just makes me want to eat it all. I have however stopped eating after a certain time during the day (around 8pm since I go to bed at 11pm) and I stopped drinking pop. That has helped alot too.
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  • I gained 46 pounds between October 2008 (when we started dating) and January 2012. Luckily almost all of those are gone now....

    I answered #3 because I still had about 20 pounds I could have lost at that time and been happier.
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