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I might just be crazy

But I bought a new wedding dress. I just couldn't get "into" the one I originally bought (almost 2 years ago) because it was too plain and was skin-tight on my tummy which showed my belly button indent (weird). The ribs are a little too tight to breathe too, so it just wasn't working. Not sure why I waited until 3 months to go before doing this, but desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess!

Here are pics of my new dress!!! It won't get here for another month, so I hope it fits! In the mean time, I am keeping the old one just in case. I guess I figure I have nothing to lose. It can only go up from my previous dress! haha!


Both dresses were really inexpensive, and I still only spent about $500 total. I plan on selling both after the wedding, too, so hopefully that will help.
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Re: I might just be crazy

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