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Getting in Shape


Ever since we got engaged, I have been exercising and dieting(I admit...slacking on the exercising lately)! I have lost 30 pounds and look/feel much better...but I can't seem to get rid of my butt and thighs! I have less than 4 months...HELP!!! Any advice on what exercises to do? TIA!!!
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Re: butt/thighs

  • Everyone loses weight in different ways. Obviously, your butt and thighs are yuor trouble spot, which means that those places will be the last places you lose. 
    There is no spot reducing. 
    Your best bet is to up the cardio (you admitted yourself that you have been slacking lately.. You want to burn fat, you have to hit the cardio!) while keeping an eye on that diet still. 
    Diet is usually the ultimate trouble-spot fixer, but if you'e been good with that.. you know what you need to work on. 

    Are you food logging? 
    What are you doing as far as carido goes? 

    You CAN weight lift.. It's great for you, but it packs on the muscle, and doesn't burn much fat.. which means you will gain muscle and not lose fat. ie, you may bulk up MORE.
  • I am not food logging...as for cardio...I was doing like 35 mins of elliptical, but then I switched to doing about 15 mins of each...bike, elliptical, and treadmill. I also try to go for walks when I don't go to the gym. I was doing zumba once a week...but haven't done that in a while. I agree... I just need to get back into the exercise routine. Thanks!!
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  • Firsttimers is spot on.

    Though, while spot reducing is impossible, there are exercises that can help tone (but, again, it's only part of the equation.)  Squats and more time running have really helped tone up my backside.
  • Lots of cardio incorporating squats and lunges (mainly walking lunges).  Although one can not spot reduce - toning those areas via squats and lunges will do miracles with the over all appearance of those areas.  At lest if your going to have %^*& thighs and gluts.." At least get them right by getting them tight:"  Hopes this helps
  • Spin, spin, spin!!!  I am such a huge spin fan I wish I got paid to endorse it.  I take 3-4 classes/week, and also lift weights, and I have seen a huge difference in my thighs & butt.  They are much more firm, and I am losing the flab.  Now with that said I am also watching what I'm eating too.  

    As for lifting, squats and lunges are so great for these areas too.  If you want to tone and not just lose, I highly recommend starting to do these exercises.  

    Congrats on losing 30 lbs - that is AMAZING!!!  
  • Check out Doctor Oz's website. He just did a show about burning off fat in targeted areas and what foods to eat.
  • Try adding more squats, lunges, and leg press lifts into your work out. Combine upper body weights with lower body by adding lunges to your bicep curls or squats to your tricep lifts.
  • Three words...BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT.  I have the DVD's at home and they are AMAZING!  I'm a Beachbody Coach so I've tried a ton of things and these really work.  Here's a short video about it if you are interested...


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  • Jackie Warner's Circuit Training video really works your quads, glutes and hams....and I too try to mix up my cardio with each session....
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