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Chicken broccoli pockets sound delish! Do you mind sharing the recipe?

Re: ***raynes***

  • They do sound good, don't they?  I don't have the recipe on me (and google is giving me nothing) so I can post it later, but the jist of it is:

    1 lb grilled chicken breast chopped into bite sized pieces
    1 bunch of broccoli cut into bit sized florets
    1/2 cup pizza sauce
    1 thing whole wheat pizza dough
    some amount that I forget of reduced fat cheddar cheese

    Preheat oven to 500 (I think?)
    Divide pizza dough into 4 and roll out into circles (size?  thickness?)
    Spread each circle w/ 2 tbsp of pizza sauce, leaving a 1/2 inch border
    Add on chicken, broccoli and cheese
    Fold dough over and pinch to seal edges.
    Bake until done, 5-7 (or 10?) minutes. 

    Ha, I only read the recipe once, so I don't remember exactly, but I'll try to update it later!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • I can probably wing it from here. :-) Thanks!
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