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Need my arms to tone

Hey my fiance loves my shape. I am quite a fluffy bride, but I want my arms to tone. They are not in to bad of shape just need to tone quickly. Any idea's on how to trim quick? Wedding date March 30, 2013

Re: Need my arms to tone

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    Ditto xcal. Yoga is also great for developing the shoulders and arms. Focus on compound exercises (exercises that use more than one muscle group - pushups, pullups, rows, presses, dips) rather than isolation exercises (bicep curls). This will develop functional strength and will prevent muscle imbalances.
  • Swimming is great for all over, especially upper body, and you get cardio too. It's also good if you're not in the best shape because its easy on joints. If you're not a good swimmer there is water aerobics yes, what little old ladies do it really works my mother before she had her accident lost 60 pounds with water aerobics. For my upper body I use resistance bands and kettle bells, one 10 lbs kettle bell and a resistance band cost about 20 at Walmart and you can find free workouts on YouTube. Best of luck!
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