Getting in Shape

Summer Challenge Scores for Week 1 have been posted!

The scores are in! Favorite did super awesome, and already met her monthly goal, so she's rocking the leaderboards with 42 points!!

Everyone else did SO AWESOME! Remember, just the fact that you checked in on your goals means you are one step ahead, and one step closer. So proud of all of you!!!!

favoriteone - 42
natrasha - 18
cdchisan - 15
acwm - 14
anna.oskar - 14
feinicstine - 14
kaper - 14
emyinpink - 13julietdelta - 13breaness - 12sarah0335 - 12jennalynne2 - 11scogs18 - 11ja2003 - 10nannaxxshark - 7futremrslinton - 5kmartini1021 - 5c456961 - 1arwoclaire0889hsneed21jpnavarrokatisuracekelsey+brandonkenyadenturelindsayG217linzerin10lovelovemedolyssalou89madymommy24megandjared14peanutpinkbarroxiebee10
For some of you, I adjusted your points, just to make sure everything was being calculated properly. 

A daily goal is 1 point per day completed, so if your goal was to track calories, and you did it 6 out of the 7 days, you get 6 points.

A weekly goal 7 points for meeting that weeks goals. For example, your goal was to workout 3x/week. If you make all 3 workouts (3/3), you get 7 points. If you don't, you get 0 points.

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