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I'm looking for a pair of basic sneakers that still offer some support but are less expensive (in the $30-50 range) My company has a gym that I've been trying to use on our lunch break and the sneakers I have aren't cutting it. I have Asics at home for the gym I go to in the morning but don't want to risk forgetting them at work. I will not be running, just walking on the treadmill, light elliptical workout, or stationary bike. I would also use them to walk outside (weather permitting) Any suggestions that won't kill my feet & wallet? 

Re: Cheaper Gym Shoes

  • Honestly, you get what you pay for.. The best gym shoes range between 80-120. BUT that doesn't mean you can't get them for 50ish bucks. most of my shoes were all bought on sale and ran me about 50-60. 
    If you live near an outlet mall, it's worth running over there to the Nike outlet or Adidas outlet. 
    My Vibrams were bought on sale at REI just put out a bunch of stuff in their clearance section, so that's something to check out.. and then, ofcourse, you can check places like Ross and TJ Maxx which carries great pairs from time to time. 

    I run in Vibrams Five Finger shoes and love them, but they aren't for everyone or for every exercise. 
    I also have a couple basic pairs of Nikes. 

  • I just got a bair of Asics from TJ Maxx for my everyday walking around shoes for $35 a few weeks ago. Regardless of what type of exercise I do, I spring for good workout shoes. I've had horrible shin problems in the past and don't want to risk it. And I agree, you get what you pay for. This is a good time of year for clearance shoes though!
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  • Yep, that's pretty much what I was expecting to hear :) Next paycheck I'm off to find good shoes! I do love my Asics and I can probably rotate my old ones to work and spring for a new pair at home. I'll keep an eye out at TJ Maxx/Marshalls and for some coupons. Thanks!
  • try kohls, they carry brands like nike asics etc but there shoes are always on sale 20-50% off plus kohls always a coupon you can use on top of the sale. never bought workout shoes anywhere else!
  • I got fitted and bought the expensive Asics Gel Kayano at a local running store...  Since then, I have found the has the past years Asics Gel Kayano and so I just keep buying last years model from them.  It's generally about half price.
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