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Hi everyone! I've been a huge lurker of this board for awhile now but this is my first time posting. I gained about 15-20 lbs in the past year and a half, since I started dating my fiance. At first it was cute because we were happy and in love but now it's just starting to tick me off that I feel like I can't lose it! I don't understand why losing weight is so hard... eat better. Exercise. Lost weight. It's so simple in my head but in practice I'm constantly going back to bad habits after 2 days of eating better. My wedding is Oct 5th I have a lot of time. But I really want this to be a lifestyle, and realistically I need to lose 30 lbs so I do NOT want to weight until 6 months before my wedding and then freak out.

I'm just hoping you all can give me some encouragement and words of wisdom on what finally pushed you to ACTUALLY lose the weight and stop talking/thinking about it.

Thanks :)

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    Awesome, thank you for the advice! I have a MyFitnessPal account but had never done anything with it... til just now :) and I love the idea of a motivating list! Thanks!
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    Participate in the daily accountability threads - keeps me motivated!
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    ditto entropic!
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    Good for you for wanting to make it a LIFESTYLE change, not just a "fit into my wedding gown" change. THat will KEEP you motivated to continue on after the wedding and keep it off for life. 

    "They" say it takes 21 days to form habits and break old ones. THe first week is certainly the hardest, the second gets easier, the third .. .etc. 
    You can do it! Stay on this board to keep yourself motivated (and guilt-tripped when you need a swift kick ;) ) and food log every.thing. You will be shocked at how your good eating isn't as good as you thought! (I know I was shocked when I first started food logging)

    GL OP! Hope you stick around!
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    I find there is no better motivator than the feeling of accomplishment when I really didn't want to eat healthy/exercise but I pushed myself to do it anyways. Then, when I find myself feeling unmotivated I remind myself how good it feels once I'm finished. I hope you find the motivation within to keep gong! Don't give...pain is tempered rare, pro is forever!
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