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Bridalicious boot camp

I JUST got this in the mail and am super stoked to begin! I had just gotten off of work and watched the tips, how to's and info. plus I did the warm up. I'm not fully ready equiptment wise like dumbells or yoga mat, BUT i can tell already Mr rice is going to kick my butt! I got tired doing the warm up. This is the first workout video i want to do, and I'm just excited to start!

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  • I completely understand! I JUST got mine in the mail 2 days ago! I have not had time yet because of the overtime at work (to pay for this wedding), but I am excited about it! I did watch it before I went to bed just to get a feel for it and I know I will be hanging out watching the beginner girl for a while. Good luck on your workout!
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  • I loved it - and have had great results. I'm getting married on September 15th, and just had my final fitting. They had to bring the dress in about three inches on each side. Score! I'm also fifteen pounds lighter than I was when I started. I could have done more, but the alterations lady told me that if I lost anymore weight, the dress would begin to lose its shape, so I've just been maintaining for the last six weeks or so.

    Like Bridalicious Boot Camp on Facebook, and you can actually chat with Doug and get his advice. He's super approachable. Good luck!
  • I just got mine in the mail and I'm so excited to start! I was looking over the eBooks and it said something about the pantry purge being explained in the Big Day Diet eBook, but I couldn't find it anywhere..... anyone know what/where to look for that???
  • Hey there! Here is a link to the pantry purge:
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  • Has anyone recently tried this????  Whats the most recent  results that people have had? im curious :)
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