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Hello Ladies!


I'm not that new to the site, I've just spent a lot of time lurking different boards, and trying to figure stuff out for my wedding, which isn't until November 1st, 2014, but I seem to be speed planning though it, considering I'm getting married in Ottawa, and am currently living in Edmonton.

I've been under a lot of stress lately because I moved here six month ago with my FI, and have a lot of trouble motivating myself to do anything...and I mean anything. Getting out of bed, going to work, cooking, cleaning, and working out. Probably because aside from my FI, my closest friend is 3700km away and is too busy being a mom to talk to me.

I guess I'm just lost, and am looking for a little motivation!

Re: Hello Ladies!

  • Welcome aboard!

    I hear you. It's tough to start over; I did the same thing last fall. I moved to Labrador, from St. John's (I know you know where it is, fellow Canuk), and it was quite the transition. For the first little while I was a lump on the couch. What made it tougher for me is that DD is here with us, but DS chose to stay with his dad, so I miss him so much it hurts.

    But after a while I realized that my life is here now and I just started doing things. Baby steps. I started setting up 'our home.' Granted, it was a crappy apartment (we bought a house last spring, so that's the ongoing project), but it was a start. I began cooking more, and then baking muffins etc - lunch and snack stuff. Then I got to experience my first northern winter and it was AWESOME!!!

    We gradually started to meet people and now have a small circle of friends here that is gradually expanding. In fact, one of my 'new' friends is a bm in the wedding!

    Think of it as an adventure - it makes it excting, and easier to just do things. It's kind of a gift, really. This is a chance to do things that you'd never do otherwise. 

    Once you find your groove, you'll be back to your self in no time. I promise.
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  • I'm in Toronto, so arguably the best place to live in the country climate-wise after Vancouver, and winter gets me down too. They don't make that stuff up about the "winter blues." You may want to supplement with vitamin D, make sure you're eating plenty of nutritious food and try to get at least a bit of fresh air daily (I know it's tough in Edmonton, but bundle up and walk around the block for 10 minutes!)
  • Eat more mushrooms!! (ie vitamin D intake)
    I understand where you're coming from.. I just moved to FL from Seattle two months ago, and I know no one here. I'm not super motivated, but I am forcing it because I know it makes me body happy. 
    It's hard to be in a new place, but staying active will keep your bod chemically balanced. Keeping a good chemical balance of the bod will keep you out of a depression.  You also have a great way to meet people by being active. Run in the rain!!! We do that up north! It's a must, or you're never going to run! Go to some yoga classes, or gym classes. That's the only way I have started talking to other ladies in the area, and it works. It's great to meet people that like the same things as you. Look for cooking classes, bingo nights, comedy shows, etc in your area. You can meets lots of other couples that way. We just met an awesome couple on V-day at a caberet show. :) 

    YOu can't expect to make new friends by sitting at home. I miss my best friends back in Seattle, but we skype (and one of my girlfriends is coming to visit in March for her break), text, and I know that there will be some awesome people here to meet as well. 

    I know it's tough. It's never easy, and as an adult, you don't have school to force friends upon you. But the more active you are, the more quickly you will settle in to your new home. 

    And we're here for you to whine to ;) 

  • I second Stage's suggestion of finding group classes. I find it very motivating knowing that others will be looking for me in a class and as a bonus you might make some new friends!
  • Thanks everyone. I actually thought the internet ate this post, so I never bothered checking on it! Sorry it took so long to respond.
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