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AW: "Beat the Boss" at work

Work just announced today that between Monday & August 16th they're going to hold a contest to see who can lose a greater percentage of weight than our owner/president. Anyone who can do it will get $200 & the person with the greatest % will get $500.
(Is it bad that I know how to 'throw' a weigh in?)
I know I can get the $200, and I'd bet I'm a serious contender for the grand prize since I'm already practicing long term sustainable weight loss.

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Re: AW: "Beat the Boss" at work

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    That is awesome! And just think all the new clothes that money will buy you for your awesome new body....I have a one track mind sometimes haha...clothes clothes clothes
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    Cash is always good!

    We have a for cash "biggest looser" challenge, but the way its set up makes it hard for anyone that is doing things the healthy way, and for those that don't have a ton to loose to win.
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    Ha, I was just thinking that by August I'm definitely going to need some new clothes!
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    Score, go get that money girl!!
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    that's such an unfair challenge for those with less to lose!!!!

    regardless, its a good motivator for you!  Good luck!
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    That's awesome! Keep us posted on the results!
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    I'm not really that worried about unfair %. I'm almost halfway to my goal weight already, but I think I'm so far ahead of the game as far as tools for losing weight the right way to not burn out. Plus I have lots of other reasons besides the cash, that in the end it will be pretty close.
    Regardless, it's something I'm doing on my own so why not get paid to do it too?
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    That sounds fun, good luck!!
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    you're right, greenglass.  My comment wasn't meant to put you down, i was just thinking if I were in the same boat, that it wouldn't be fair for me since I only want to lose about 10% of my total body weight, and realistically couldn't get down more than 15%.   Those with more to lose (ala biggest loser) seemingly have an advantage in the contest (although as you accurately pointed out, not in being healthy in life today).
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