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Shakeology- Anyone try it?

Has anyone tried it? My friend just started it because a lady in her workout group went from a size 16 to an 8 in 4 months. It is so expensive though! I am willing to buy it if it helps but I want to hear more from other people. 
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Re: Shakeology- Anyone try it?

  • You are better off eating healthy and working out. You don't need to spend extra money on a special diet product. If you are looking for guidance, see a nutritionist (many insurance companies even cover this now!), and a personal trainer (even if you just buy a package of 5 sessions, they can still give you some workouts that you can use and modify for months). 
  • I already do that. I am insulin resistant so it has been extra hard to lose the weight. I am 5'11 weighing 182 pounds right now. I already eat a low carb diet and exercise. Just need a kick. 
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    [QUOTE]I already do that. I am insulin resistant so it has been extra hard to lose the weight. I am 5'11 weighing 182 pounds right now. I already eat a low carb diet and exercise. Just need a kick. 
    Posted by SarahSES[/QUOTE]

    <div>I wasn't sure which thing you already do. Do you see a nutritionist and a trainer?</div>
  • Yeah I see a nutritionist but my weight keeps jumping from the 180s to mid 170s then to 180s again. I cannot seem to lose the weight in my mid section. My nutritionist isn't sure why I am not losing the weight since I write down and show her every meal that I eat. I lost 10 pounds when I first started the diet but now nothing and I am getting discouraged. I am getting married in late July and haven't even found my dress because I am just not happy with my weight. I hear so many good think about shakeology so I am willing to try anything!
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  • Have you had blood work done? 

    Shakeology to me is just a glorified slim fast or protein powder. What's your net caloric intake per day? What are you doing in terms of fitness? 

    I don't know many people that will endorse a meal replacement option here. It's not realistic to be on that crap for life, and it's just not that great for you. I would replace a meal with raw veggies and apple cider vinegar before I replaced with that. That would be something I could keep up for life. 
  • It's not really that much money to buy a one month's supply so maybe give it a try? Different things work for different people. I read through the site and it doesn't look unhealthy, it's only one meal, and you can mix in things like almond milk and bananas. If you start feeling sick or weak, discontinue it immediately. 
  • OP, are you doing Atkins-style low carb or Paleo/Primal? If you're doing the former, look into the latter. It can help you with insulin resistance.
  • Thanks for all the posts.

    I got my bloodwork done and found out I am insulin resistant (step before type 2 diabetes) which my Dr. said is part of the reason not only why I gained weight but why it is hard to get it off. I used to be a college athlete weighing 160 pounds at 5'11 and wore a 7/8. Now I am at a 12. I am not a sweet eater and never have I been so I am confused what to do next. I didn't want to pay that kind of money on shakeology anyway but would love to try something in my diet that is different. I go to planet fitness and do the 30 minute circuit, then the eliptical, then I walk  fast pace on the treadmill. My diet consists of 100 percent whole grain, raw veges and fruit and mainly chicken, eggs, peanut better and some dairy.
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  • I'm sorry to hear all this :( 
    I know that must be RIDICULOUSLY frustrating. You must feel like you're stuck in between a rock and hard place. I wish I had better advice to give you :( 

  • Thanks ladies. It is frustrating! I have no idea about portion control. My nutritionist hasn't said I am over eating but who knows! I do not belong to myfitnesspal but I am goin to sign up. Thanks! I will add you if you don't mind! It will help with more motivation .
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  • Food logging can easily be key. Most people on here use MFP (I'm a loser and use Livestrong, but I like it :P ). They are great sites and can really open your eyes to how little or much you're eating. Maybe that is the key.. 

    Hope you stick around and keep us updated on your progress! Feel free to join into the accountability threads each day. I know that it keeps me motivated to see how motivated the other ladies are. 
  • Thanks! I am def. gonna stick around! I need a change or I am doomed! :)
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    What does PM  mean? So sorry! I have no idea what that means.
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    Never even would think to try something like this. I like eating my meals, not drinking crappy smoothies that are made from powder.

    Anyways, your story sounds just like mine. Nearly 6' tall was 185 pounds, former college athlete. I have been following a paleo/primal/clean eating type of diet since August 2011. Basically 0 processed foods (including avoiding whole grains, because yes grains are processed plus they inflame your gut and make you bloated) while eating fish, meat, poultry, eggs, veggies, fruit, and nuts. And I went from 185-163 in 5 months and have maintained that weight for over 13 months now. I mean, I totally have nachos and desserts every once in a while, but for at least 80% of the time, I eat real, natural foods and it has worked wonders for me. I know not everything works for everyone, but I have quite a few friends and family that have made amazing changes in their lifestyles to follow this lifestyle and have benefited greatly from it.

    And I also agree with PP with looking into getting a more varied workout. I go to crossfit 2-3 times per week and that's it. Getting such a great high intensity workout with cardio and weight lifting all rolled into 1 is all I need a few days a week and I feel great.

    Good luck! Hope you find something that works for you!
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Shakeology- Anyone try it?</a>:
    [QUOTE](I'm a loser and use Livestrong, but I like it :P ).
    Posted by firsttimersluck[/QUOTE]

    pshaw - I prefer Livestrong/DailyPlate, too.  We're not losers!  That website and its calorie goals work so well for me.
  • Oh yay Joy! 
    Taaaaanks :o) haha

    Stage- I'm 24 and incompetent when it comes to technology (not a good thing for someone in the Math field.. lol) I can barely handle my ipod touch, and I don't have a smart phone soo... yeeeaaahh.. Livestrong it is! hahaha
  • There is an app for Livestrong.  They have one for Apple as well as the Surface (Microsoft).  I would assume it has one for Android, too.

    It will sync with your computer, but entering the food isn't as easy as the online site.  I tried to use it for awhile and gave up.  I'm always on my computer and barely remember where my phone is most of the time.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re:Shakeology Anyone try it?</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re:Shakeology Anyone try it?: Yeah, I had the app. But I had to plug my phone into the computer to sync and it got on my nerves. <strong>Also the app had considerably less food options programmed in than the computer did.</strong> It's not a BAD app, but I love that I can pull up MFP on my phone or on the computer and get the same info.
    Posted by StageManager14[/QUOTE]

    YES!  Isn't that weird?  You also couldn't erase something.  Sometimes I think I'm going to eat a full serving of something and it turns out I only ate half so I have to adjust.  Nope, can't do it on the app.  Grr.

    They did change it so it would sync at a particular time without needing to be plugged in.  I think.  I dunno... whatever, silly app :-)
  • SARAH SES- I have been drinking shakeology since August would I drink it for the rest of my life????? YES because it's not just a shake to lose weight one of the benefits of it is losing weight but there is a lot more to it. My personal experience since I started drinking it I have lost 15 lbs, not just by drinking it of course I workout and eat healthy. It got rid of my belly bloat, totally regulated my digestive system, and the most important thing is it cut my cravings for sweets big time. I use to want and eat something sweet after every meal. I haven't met anyone that drinks it and wants to stop drinking it. If you would like more info or have any other questions feel free to email me at [email protected] or you can add me on facebook
  • Shakeology is a nutritional shake, it will not automatically make you lose is just a tool.  I have used it in the past and it helped me more with my skin and stomach issues than weight loss.  I developed an allergy to fruits, causing my face to break out in hives anytime I ate a fruit and my stomach has always felt bloated and uncomfortable.  I started Shakeology to get the nutrients I was missing from the fruit and to get the prebiotics and probiotics to help my stomach.  It helped a lot! 
    Yes, you can lose weight by eating healthy meals, and if you have the time to prepare 5-6 meals a day, go for it!  But if you live a busy life, like most of us, nutritional shakes help.  Not all shakes are created equal...there is a reason why Shakeology costs more than Muscle has more nutritional value.  You have to decide which shake is best for you.
    Besides your weight, make sure you keep track of your inches, how you feel, and how your clothes fit!  Scales do not tell you how many inches you lost, or how you gained definition, or if you replaced fat with muscle. 
    I read that you like to do the elliptical...if you go on pinterest, you will find interval workouts for the elliptical....those workouts will help you burn more calories on the machine!
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