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Monday WW Accountability


B: whole wheat blueberry muffin - hope they taste as good as they smell! (4) banana
L: veggie pizza (7)
S: pretzels (3)
S: strawberries
D: Stir Fry (6)
S: WW cookies & cream bar (4)

E: none. my puppy is getting spayed today so I'll be watching her all evening!

total: 24
target: 29

Re: Monday WW Accountability

  • Hey ladies... hope everyone had a good weekend! I went out Friday night for dinner at Rio Grande: which is an amazing mexican restaurant, i had chips & salsa, fajitas! It was YUM! ... 

    i was worried about my weigh in this week, but i'm down 2.5lbs! woohoo

    B: bagel thin (3)
    L: WW refrigerated meal: bbq chicken/sweet potatoes (6) 
    S: granola bar (chocolate dipped one!) (4) 
    D: beef pot roast (9) baked potatoe (3) sour cream (1)
    S: mini snickers ice cream bar: (2.5) 

    E: 45 minute walk.... 

    Total: 28.5
    Target: 31

    Imark: you should show us a pic of ur puppy! :)<3
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  • Morning!  I went to the doctor this morning for my annual physical and it turns out my twisted ankle is a severe sprain.  So I get to go to PT again (they know me well there).  Oh well, hopefully I can get back to working out by next week.

    B: yoplait greek yogurt (4)
    S: apple (0)
    L: leftover ribs (6)
    S: dannon greek yogurt (3) and grapes (0)
    D: Fish tacos (10?  I've never made them before and don't know if I'll tweek the recipe as I go)

    Total: 23
    Target: 29

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  • See new siggy pic :-) Meet Fiona!
  • she's a cuuutie!!! 
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