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Can anyone suggest a good juice cleanse? I'm not trying to lose 20lbs in a week,or anything crazy like that, but I know I've eaten terribly for the past week and I feel awful. I've heard juice cleanses are a great way to reset the system and get back to eating healthy.


For the record, I normally eat ok, though not great, and workout regularly, but with the holidays I've gotten away from it and I can physically and mentally tell. 
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Re: Juice cleanse

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    It's not necessary or beneficial. The liver does a mighty good job of cleansing the body. Consuming nothing but juice is not a good idea at all - you'll be ingesting a lot of fruit and vegetable sugars with none of the fiber and membranes or other plant material to slow down the digestion. Never mind the zero fat you'd be getting, which is not good for the body at all. Just eat clean (a lot of fruits and vegetables with moderate protein and good fats) and get back to the gym and you'll bounce back.
  • I whole-heartedly agree with PP - a few days of your normal eating and some exercise will do you good.
  • I was once on Weight Watchers and they have a Zero point vegetable soup.  I think if you make a pot of vegie soup and just help youself to a few servings of that in between meals and/or for lunch you should feel better soon.

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