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Workout Accountability Tuesday

hey guys

I missed yesterdays thread so I'll update my weekend, got in a few runs and my stamina is still improving-still shooting for a 15-20 min run and hoping to get to that level by the weeks end.

Got sick on sunday and its getting worse so if nothing else this cold might drown a few pounds as Im not eating much haha

Tonight is run night, I am going to go regardless of how I feel I just dont want to get out of the routine FI and I are in.

Happy days all!
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Re: Workout Accountability Tuesday

  • Good morning! Last night I actually convinced DH to go to body combat with me. It was definitely tiring, but I'm glad I went.

    Tonight if it's nice enough I might go on a bike ride after work, if not, I'd like to go to the gym and do some weightlifing.
  • Good morning!
    Did manage to get a short run in yesterday, which is good, because I have to miss swimming tonight for a professional society meeting. 

    Will run again tomorrow, but not sure about Thursday. Have an appointment for allergy testing. Anyone ever had that done? How did you feel after? I'm afraid the skin test will make swimming and/or sweating uncomfortable. 
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  • Good morning.

    Yesterday wasn't good for working out or food.  I went through dunkin's for coffee and my self control went out the window.  

    Tonight we have the free consult with the trainer at the gym.  I am hoping he will give me an idea of ideal exercises for me.  I tried on my skinny jeans from last winter and that was very depressing this morning so I am looking for some encouragement at the gym tonight!
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  • Good Morning!
    Made it to the gym yesterday morning and did 30 minutes of cardio and some strength training. Ate good during the day, think my salad had too much cheese and dressing but it was good. At night we took my FI father to Toby Keith's Bar for dinner and had a turkey melt with no mayo and only ate a few of my fries. I had a couple bites of the app and half a piece of cake. Luckily it was chocolate which I'm not a fan of so I was able to eat half and not half to explain why I wasn't eating it. 

    Today no workout in the AM. I put together my address list for the STD's. Maybe I'll get in some yoga tonight but I don't know if that will happen because NCIS premiere's tonight!!
  • Morning all!

    Didn't get my walk in last night like I thought I would because I blistered my heels horribly during the day wearing new shoes :( So I decided to wait for the bus home instead of suffering through 25 minutes in the shoes that were cutting me!

    Today I will walk home from the LRT depending on how my heels feel. But I've got a busy day of assignments and class, so I'll be happy just to survive in time for bed tonight at 10.

    Have a great day everyone!
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  • Last night's workout didn't happen for me either. We got an unexpected call saying that FI's aunt was passing through town and was staying the night nearby - would we like to pick her up and have supper? I didn't have enough pork thawed, so we ended up getting pizza. Double whammy - no workout AND pizza for supper, although I never have more than two pieces, and they're usually small. Last night was the usual.

    Bonus: I don't have to worry about what's for supper tonight. Pork loin it is!

    Another rough week at work and it's only Tuesday. Planning to take it out on the elliptical later.
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  • @cevans11 I had allergy testing awhile ago. How allergic you are to things will determine how much it bothers you. I personally woulnd't have swam, but I might have worked out except that you can look funny if you get tested on your arms as you can have about 100 little pricks on your arm. The testing was completely worth it for me though. Found out some allergies had changed and I could eat shellfish again, YAY!

    As for yesterday's workout. Wreck on the bridge put me an hour behind so by the time I got home it was too late to go to the gym. Did do the Bridalicious 30 day challenge though. My food intake was SO much better than this weekend too. So all in all not bad. Today I will have to watch my intake as well as we have to go grocery shopping versus the gym on Tuesdays. Will do the challenge though and perhaps a walk. Wednesday back at the gym...
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  • Cool, thanks for the info. I guess I'll just play it by ear. I've never done it before, so no idea what things will be like. Just want to be able to breathe again. FI keeps thinking I'm mad or upset at him, because I sniffle constantly. 
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  • Yesterday wasn't a good day with food.  I didn't eat anything horrible, just not proud of the quantity.  I just had the hungry horrors all day!

    Today was much better with food and I did Bridalicious Boot Camp Disc 6.  Not sure I'll be able to work out tomorrow since I'll be fasting for Yom Kippur and don't want to get dizzy with no food/no water.  I may walk to and from temple though just to get something in!
  • Hi everyone,

    Yesterday wasn't fantastic, but today has been much better.  I got home from work and got ready to run, then it started to rain and i resigned myself to stay inside and eat a cookie instead.  not a great decision, but after i wasn't so hungry i decided screw the rain and got a 4 mile run in anyhow.  so better than nothing!  now i'm getting ready for some pilates after a pretty healthy dinner.  

    As a side note, I bough my dress this weekend!  I'm hoping to upload a picture once I can figure out how to not make the file ginormous!  
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