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It's pretty hard to get motivated....

Hey everyone!
I don't know if some people feel the same way I do about this... See, I don't really have much weight to lose before the wedding : I'm 5'3'' and 125lbs, which is healthy (even though I would not mind losing few pounds before the big day). The problem is that my body is very flabby, since I don't exercice much. I know I really should start working out since I want my arms, belly and butt to look great in my dress, but it's hard to get motivated since I know I'm already close to my weight goal... Anybody feels the same way?


Re: It's pretty hard to get motivated....

  • I always have that problem when I start working out. I find the best way to get motivated is to find someonthing you like to do. Take a dance class or swim or do yoga or ride your bike and then do it consistantly for several days. When my muscles get sore and I get a bit of an endorphin high, it keeps me motivated to keep going, and I tend to feel better, results follow. If you're still having a hard time getting motivated, have a friend or your fiance set up a reward system. When my sister was trying to loose weight, she and I would say that if we exercised everyday for a week, we would go to a movie or shopping (we were in high school our ideas were limited). 

    Also, don't think of it as a weight challenge, think of it as a health challenge. Even though I do want to loose more weight than you, I approach workouts as a means of being healthy, not of loosing weight. I want to have more endurance and be able to lift heavier weights and lower my resting heart rate, if I don't loose weight, oh well. 
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  • I feel the same way. I want to tone up my arms, I don't want them all flabby. My stomach could definitely be tighter so I don't have to stuff myself into spanx on my wedding day.  But I feel my wedding is so far away I can wait but I know I shouldn't.

    Thanks saacjw for the advice, I could probably use it as a stress release from all the planning... Ticker
  • @saacjw Thank you for the suggestions! You're right about choosing an activity we like... We have at home a stationary bike that my fiancé use daily but that I seldom touch; I think I'd really rather be in a zumba or yoga class in my university gym!

    @white102012 I'm happy I'm not alone feeling this way!
  • I feel the same too. With working 3rd shift, going to school full time and kids, my energy is low.  I need some motivation myself!!!  But I think I might get zumba for my wii.
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