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How do you deal with people who seem to be trying to sabotage your diet?  I currently live with my FIL's and my FI and I are both doing a clean food plant based diet.  He and I are very happy with our food choices and the results there of.  We feel healthier and the pounds are dropping off at an appreciable rate.  The trouble is my FIL's are not on the diet and my FMIL is the type of person who feels that if you are not eating more of whatever she is eating than she is than you are starving to death and will therefore try to force more food on you.  I love cheese but dairy is something that I have found that I do not tolerate well, but that does not stop a small part of me from wanting it.  So far when my FMIL offers me something deep fried and covered in cheese I have been able to say no thank you and explain that it is not on my diet and yes I am getting enough to eat, but how do I politely inform her that it really is not a kindness for her to keep shoving sweets, fried foods and cheese under my nose.

Re: Sabotage

  • Yeah, hopefully if you say no often enough, she'll get the idea.

    I never get it when people know you're watching what you're eating (for whatever reason), but still insist on offering you things that aren't 'on your list'...

    Good luck, and stay strong!
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  • My suggestion is to avoid your own temptation is to always have a snack you ARE okay with on hand...make it something you enjoy eating but aren't tempted to gorge yourself on. Then when your FMIL offers you items that aren't helpful for your diet you have something at the ready.

    There's really nothing you can do to stop your FMIL from offering you stuff. I'm sure she thinks she's being a good hostess.
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