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Rehersal Dinner

I am not sure if this is the right board to post this on but it was the best fit. My FFIL has agreed to cover the reheral dinner and he wants to book ASAP. I am worried about eating the wrong thing the night before the wedding and being bloated, My wedding is at 530 pm if that helps. My fiance wanted to do Chinese but I am worried about the salt. What would you recommend?
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Re: Rehersal Dinner

  • You could do chinese if his heart is set on it.  Just order a steamed dish, with no msg, and try to stick to some of the vegetarian options.
  • Yep,  I would avoid anything with a considerable sodium content,  MSG being one source of sodium.  
    What doesnt have alot of sodium:
    Fresh vegetable and fruit,  so stock up on the vegetables,  steamed,  and ask for light sauce or sauce on the side,  and just use a little bit for flavor,  you rarely need all the sauce they tend to drown the food in.  

    Although I know its delicious!  Wink

    Good luck and more than anytihng,  ENJOY the night!

  • Keep your water intake up.  That'll help flush out the extra salt you do intake.
  • I'm worried about this also! We're doing our own RD, so I have more control. I know that FI's family doesn't exactly eat the super healthy vegan things I eat. Plus, I know that I won't have the time to cook all of this food myself. I plan on getting it catered, but I also worry about the salt/fat content. 

    I plan on having my own healthy meal separate. It doesn't bother me at all that I'll be eating something different than anyone else. It's one very important day and people will get over it if you don't eat their food. Especially if it was bought & not homemade.
  • Anna Makes a good point about water,  I would also include that Alcohol acts as a diuretic,  so drinking some the night before will have the opposite effect of any water retention.  Just don't over do it, obviously.  

  • Thanks for your help :)
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