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So I've been lurking this board for awhile and you ladies always have good advice so I figured I would see if anyone has any suggetions for me:

I started using MFP a few weeks ago to keep track of what I am eating and I am finding that I can't seem to eat enough calories in a day to meet my needs. Even when I have a bad day and eat a lot of junk I'm still usually under by a couple of calories but I do feel full. Can anyone suggest a way to meet calories without feeling like you are over eating?

Re: Eating Enough Calories

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    Eat more fat. It's calorie-dense and low-volume so it doesn't bloat you up. Also, eating fat doesn't make you fat or cause heart disease (as long as you're avoiding trans-fats and otherheavily industrially-processed crap fat).
  • Things like nuts and peanut butter can add some calories (and nutrients, too) in small quantities - good if you need to just up that number but aren't into eating that much.
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  • Thanks ladies! the nuts and peanut butter are a really good idea. Unfortunately I don't like olives though (fiance is the olive eater of our relationship) Aslo I just noticed a typo in my first post. I meant to say a few hundred calories... if it was literally a couple of calories as I originally posted I wouldn't be too worried.
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    A few hundred calories should be easy to fix. Nuts and nut butter as PPs said, or drizzle some olive oil over your veggies, put some organic cream to your coffee/tea, eat some harboiled eggs, eat full-fat dairy. All good options that will ad healthy fats and won't make you feel like you're going to burst.
  • Drinking a glass of milk is a good way to add 100-200 extra calories as well, plus calcium, protein, and vitamin D.

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