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What are you Making/Eating for the Superbowl?

So H and I spent a bit of time working through my pinterest pins trying to find fun, not-terrible food for this coming Sunday.  We're usually all about the pizza, tostitos, and wings, but since were trying to eat healthier and, sadly, none of our teams are in it, we figured some healthy munchies would be better.
I think we wound up with these two and a veggie platter, but I wanted to see what everyone else was thinking up, as you all are always so full of good ideas and recipes.


Re: What are you Making/Eating for the Superbowl?

  • Booze booze and more booze :) 

    .... hmm.. I may need to rethink my priorities.. 
  • bahaha firsttimers-love it

    thanks kw-I'm not always in love with her recipes, but the spinach dip has me curious.
  • I want that corn, avocado and black bean quesadilla.  For dinner. Tonight. pleaseandthankyou!

    I keep forgetting the superbowl is this weekend.  I don't even know who is playing.  I completely fail.
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  • Nada - I don't really watch sports.

    My work put together a "taste of the game" booklet though and it has lots of tasty lookin' recipes (some even looks marginally healthy! Like the avacado, orange and spinach salad with zesty tomatoes)
  • I absolutely love skinnytaste.  Her crockpot stuff is awesome.  It has saved my hide on more then one occassion ;)

    With that said, there is no Super Bowl here in New England.   Just saying....  
    We don't really have any plans so it will be a normal dinner for us and maybe some natural salsa dip but nothing crazy.
  • kw-hahaha love it.  probably munchie ideas, though I was really just curious to see what everyone else was doing to 'health-afy' the big game
  • I am having a huge party even though we knew the dolphins would crash and burn like EVERY year before...

    We still always do a party.

    I found the skinny version of crab wontons so I want those... ASAP!!  We do cheese dip, turkey meatballs in sauce and baked wings. I stay away from the cheese sauce even though it is perfection.... I love it!!! Everything else is pretty decent... Just portion control after that.

    And booze which I only drink on Saturdays and its two drinks max.... I have to drink. So I am skipping Sat and hitting that up Sunday.

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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: What are you Making/Eating for the Superbowl?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I don't think we'll do anything for the Superbowl this year since the Falcons crashed and burned so predictably.  BUT Skinny Taste did this spread on Superbowl food a few years back: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I honestly haven't made any of the recipes so I don't know if they're any good, but some of them look pretty delicious.
    Posted by kwitherington[/QUOTE]

    <div>We were at that game. It was sad walking out of the Dome. I don't think we're doing anything either for that reason. FI and his friends would just end up getting angry and rehashing everything. </div><div>
    </div><div>I do have a recipe for homemade soft pretzels that I'm dying to try out. I don't know where they fall on the healthy scale (white carbs, but at least no junky chemicals/preservatives) but they sound amazing. </div>
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    That quesadilla looks delicious!! Probably nothing, honestly, if I stay home with FI and watch it. If I opt to drive to Syracuse Sunday (since I have an early flight to catch Monday) I'll go over to MOH's since her and BM are having a passed dip party. Which would not bode well for my weight, but it's better then being alone. 

    Gina from Skinnytaste posted this link to her appetizer round up recently, in case you want some more suggestions to paw through:

    Edit: I just went back and saw the wishy washy reviews for skinnytaste. That's what I get for not reading first, haha. I like her stuff usually. The things I have made off it have been great, but sometimes her recipes are too complex for someone like myself who doesn't want to spend an hour+ in the kitchen just to cook for one or two people. 
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  • I enjoy skinnytaste for the most part. There are recipes that I look at and I know I won't like... but the Skinny Buffalo Chicken dip was amazing. I made it for our Christmas party this year actually, and people loved it. It does of course have some heat to it because of all of the Frank's (and so there is sodium, too) but I would eat it with celery instead of eating buffalo wings because I actually really love it.

    I also thought her spinach dip looked decent.

    Those quesadillas look delish though... as I was reading about them I was mentally going through my kitchen's inventory..
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  • Sarah5200, I WANT TO MAKE THE SKINNY BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP!  I've had my eye on this dip for a while, and your endorsement is my ok to go for it :) I made the skinnytaste cheesy taco dip (or something like that) a few weeks ago and it was reaaalllly good too.  I'm not sure what I'll make for superbowl, probably just the buffalo chicken dip in terms of snacky foods.  I'll make some other more healthy snacks to keep us from being hungry with all those commercials....maybe healthy oven baked chicken nuggets from chicken breast?  That's kinda a go-to fake junk food for me.
  • I made her buffalo dip so many times before and it's sooo good! Everytime we get together with friends they expect it from me and actually get dissappointed if I don't have it. 
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