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Y'all are probably going to chastise me, but between a few bad weekends and a birth control slip that caused my period to be a week early, I've been bloaty mcbloaterson lately and frankly I'm sick of my stomach looking so distended. I caved a picked up a pack diuretics today. I know a few people who have used them to just shake some water weight and bloating, but I'm skeptical of pills after years of abusing diet pills and effing up my tummy. So I guess my question is yes, no, good, bad? I don't know, are these really going to help me with my bloating? The box says all about menstrual bloating, which I do fall under. I've been trying to drink lots of water (one of my goals in this months challenge) but that hasn't seemed to make a difference. I popped one at lunch time at noon (so now three hours ago). So far I've been pretty thirsty, but it hasn't made me have to pee much and my tummy just feel full of water and all sloshy now. So did I just waste $4 or will I magically be less bloated tomorrow..?
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Re: Diuretics

  • Hopefully people won't because we know and love you :) but yes, I am not usually a drug fan for these types of things.

    My suggestion- steep some rosemary in water (like making tea) and drink away - it works wonders.

    Just make sure to stay hydrated! (which it sounds like you're doing)  I hope you feel better soon!
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    I'd hate to be "that" girl always going on and on about the wonders of Paleo but in terms of warding off water retention long-term, reducing carbs is the way to go. I don't know how much you're eating now but try getting them to ideally 150g day. Even under 200 should produce some results. I used to majorly bloat - every month I looked like i gained 10 pounds and you could visibly see the bloat in the face. Now I retain about 2 lbs of water (nowhere near the face, phew) and you can't even tell. Obviously this doesn't answer cnf's question and cutting carbs won't help much last-minute, but I'm just throwing this out there.

    ETA: cutting carbs does not work in making husbands less annoying during that TOM.
  • Nope, no trying to lose weight, just trying to no longer look like I'm smuggling basketballs under my sweater. And I didn't know that about rosemary. I'll have to pick some up. My carb intake has been pretty under control actually. Just been eating grilled chicken, steamed veggies, and fruits the last few days. No pasta, rice, bread, nothing like that. I had a 90 calorie pack of Special K cracker chips last night, but that's about it. I will keep that in mind though and avoid carbs during my period from now. That is great to know. And I don't mind hearing about paleo. Honestly, you've changed my view on it to some degree. I really expected it to be a fad thing for a while there, but it seems like a good life style type of eating for those of you who can go with pasta. I cannot, but so goes life sometimes. 
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  • I agree.. OBVIOUSLY you're not trying to use it as a weight loss supplement, so if you're feeling really bloating and backed up, go for it.. and report back.. because I don't know how those things worked out for people but am super curious. haha
  • I don't know either, but I'll add my voice to the 'you're doing it for the right reason' camp.

    You know enough about what not to do, and are looking for some relief. I hope it works and you feel better.

    I didn't know about the rosemary either! Good to know!
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  • Cranberry supplements can also help with bloating and water retention.

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  • Cranberry, duh! I should have thought of that because I knew that. I'll post an update in accountability for everyone to see. 
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  • Good tips! I just realized that I've scheduled my wedding for that time of the month. Facepalm so I'm also looking for ideas to feel and look less bloated!
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