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Hey ladies.
I have a few lbs to lose and someone told me about this website Does anyone out there use it? Sounds like it could be cool. From my weightloss experience, incentive and being held accountable are always helpful to me. Just wondering if anyone out there has tried it.

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Re: healthywage

  • Never heard of it, sorry!

    My work does challenges where you can win prizes and stuff though, and it is quite motivating. It's particularly fun because we get into groups with co-workers and then we all hold eachother accountable.
  • I just come here for extra accountability beyond what my FI and I are holding each other to. The June 2013 gals also have a biggest loser running right now too. So I have a semi public weigh in every week to keep me on track. 
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  • I've heard of it, actually looked into it... but in the end decided there were other ways to motivate myself. If you decide to do it let me know how it goes!
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    [QUOTE]I just read through some of their info on their website. I'm with kwith that it would not motivate me because I wouldn't spend the money to participate. I could think of so many better things to use my $150 bucks on (if I did the 10% challenge). That's 5 months of my gym membership, a month or 2 of electricity, 2-3 weeks of food for FI and I, etc. To add to that, I would save the money and come on here. Yeah, <strong>you won't win money, but we don't take your money either</strong> :-) We have daily accountability threads, monthly challenges, and a great group of ladies here. Hope to see you around here!
    Posted by xcalygrl[/QUOTE]

    <div>Bolded exactly. Sounds more like a scam than anything because you can't guarantee how your body will lose weight.</div>
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