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Tuesday Accountability

Well, plans changed a bit yesterday.  Since my H will be home late today I shifted my gym day and instead hung out with him and did chores around the house.  I definitely got some exercise in mowing the lawn and painting!

B: Chocolate PB Banana shake, coffee w/ skim milk
S: apple and string cheese
L: ancient grains wrap w/ spinach, chicken, feta and greek dressing
S: yogurt w/ protein powder
D: egg frittata (was supposed to be yesterday!)

E: NROL4W Stage 7 Workout 3
We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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Re: Tuesday Accountability

  • Still trying to get used to the 30 day shred.. did it for the second time last night and almost died, again. I think I need to eat more during the day on days that I have that scheduled because I always feel like passing out halfway through, and recovery time is always like 30 minutes. Its sad, really. :)

    B- Kashi heart to heart cereal w/ skim milk
    S- grapes
    L- smart ones ziti
    S- greek yogurt
    D- probably tacos (bad, i know)

    E- 60 minute zumba class
  • So didn't want to get up this morning. Working today 12p-8p and really don't want to go! But one day closer to Saturday! Fiance taking my away for the day to Lancaster! 

    B- vita top cup of tea
    L- yogurt, honeydew melon
    S- pretzels with LC cheese
    D- pasta salad again
    S- granola bar (for the drive home so I am not tempted to stop at a drive thru!)
  • Hey everyone! Rushing around all day today. Finally getting our marriage license and then running out to the florist to get rid of all our vases (hooray I'll have my spare bed back almost!!!)

    B - 1 1/3 c. Barbara's Puffins cinnamon puff cereal in 1/4 c. vanilla almond milk
    S - banana
    L - 2/3 c. brown rice w/ 2 turkey meatballs and 1/2 grilled veggies
    S - clementine
    D - grilled hamsteak on salad w/ some sort of LF dressing and string cheese (fi gets mashed potatoes and whatnot haha)
    S - Vita Top chocolate muffin top

    E - having major rib issues so took it somewhat easy today. Killer ab workout with some weight lifting and 10 minute sprint on elliptical
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  • Hey ladies! Trying to be good today, last night I had the "munchies" really bad!

    B:  choc/PB protein shake

    L:  spinach salad with grilled chx, corn, and red peppers

    S:  yogurt and a graham cracker

    D:  HOPEFULLY only a protein shake after I workout

    E:  HIIT

  • I feel like such a lump. With class and going away this weekend, I haven't been to the gym since Wedneday.

    B - egg white and feta sandwich
    S - granola bar
    L - maybe subway?
    S - clementine
    D - TBD, thinking thai dumpling soup?

    E - running 5 miles. No, seriously, I am. Today.
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