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Wedding dress on the snug side

So there is a major issue with my dress. It does not fit me like a glove... It's a size too small and I'm using it as motivation to slim down.

I don't have a date set but there was about two inches or three in the back to make it close and that was with one of those corsets on....

I am a plus sized girl with very broad shoulders I should have played rugby or football when I was younger.

The problem is obviously I'm worried that I'm not going to fit unless I lose at least 20 lbs and we have set a tentative date for this summer. Like July possibly...

The good news is I don't have a venue yet, so there's still time to play with the dates.

I am a plus sized girl and the dresses that I tried on ranged anything from a 20 to a 24.

There was so much confusion as far as what size to buy in the end so I got the 24. Everything was a blur. I'm just worried I'm not going to fit. I'm willing to start going back to the gym...

I sure hope it all goes well.

So my question is how much weight approx equals an inch?

Re: Wedding dress on the snug side

  • As far as I know, there's no way to correlate weight with inches. I've spend weeks where I didn't lose any weight at all but dropped an inch and vice versa. The best thing I've found for me is to count calories (I log everything I eat with a weight loss app) and make sure I don't starve myself (I eat 200 calories above my basal metabolic rate or BMR per day). Plus adding in some working out, but it's actually not necessary to do that unless you want to get toned along with losing weight.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
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  • @Kwith - the 10 lbs per dress size I think only works for non-plus sizes (12 or 14 and under). I am fairly certain with larger sizes you get 15-20lbs between sizes.

    ...but OP this is VERY general...every single person is different. 180 lbs looks different on someone who weight lifts and exercises regularly than someone who sits on a couch all day and doesn't exercise. I have a co-worker that has weighed the same since high school but she wears a larger size now because in high school she vigorously worked out all the time and was active with team sports...when muscle turns into fat it takes up more room.

    If you truly want to lose inches, count your calories and don't neglect weightlifting, also adding in some cardio can never hurt.
  • Toning the muscles under the skin is what loses inches.  You can lose fat which will also lose inches but there is no way to say X amount of fat/weight = X amount of inches lost.  I wish it were that easy.  The best you can do is get some strength training and cardio about 3-4 days a week for an hour and you should start to see results.  Counting calories should help to.  Limit yourself to about 1200-1500 calories per day.  Eating healthy foods low in calories like fresh fruits and veggies will help.  An example is that instead of eating a McDonalds burger for 350 calories you can have a cup of watermelon, a cup of strawberries, a banana, an apple, a cup of cantelope and a pear.  You get a lot more for less.

    Good luck! 
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