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My weight loss motivation

So my FI and I have this bet going. Originally everyone was going to wear suits. So he made me a deal as motivation to loose weight. I want to loose 30lbs before our wedding. So if I loose 30lbs then he win wear a tux: its good motivation because I wanna see him in a tux: anyone think I can do this???
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Re: My weight loss motivation

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    When is the wedding?

    I previously lost 50 lbs (194 to 144 and then actually was down to 140 at one point). A bit ago I was up to around 155 after having to take 6 weeks off work, have surgery and was obviously laid up for a bit recovering. As of this morning I was 152 and Im working my way back down.

    IT CAN BE DONE! You just have to have the motivation, will and time as well as make the right choices!!!
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    It definitely depends on when the wedding is, and how much you have to do to get down 30 lbs (and also whether a tux is appropriate for your wedding).  It's not always possible to do in a healthy manner.  Also, I might consider tuning up your bet with him to focus less on weight and more on fitness (eg, a mile in a certain amount of time) or size (eg, lose XYZ inches).  FWIW I actually gain about 10 lbs when I'm properly in shape just due to an increase in muscle mass.
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    You can do absolutely anything you want to do. 

    We need more information.
    "When is the wedding" is the number one question because that will help "formulate a plan."

    I love that you and your fi are "making a bet"  on it. Nothing will keep me accountable to my workout plan as much as knowing that my H stuck to his. The fact that you are BOTH in this is huge. 

    Whitney- way to go! DO. NOT. STOP. Seriously. that is a HUGE weight loss and an even bigger accomplishment. Being healthy is the ultimate goal, and it is an every- day committment; a lifestyle. You inspire me. When you face your next struggle, wherever it may be, please remember that you have given me a push, no matter how big or small, towards my goal. And that's the point, isn't it?
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    It can definiltey be done, I had 25lbs of fat on my body to lose and did it in 4 months. Things really turned around for me when I got proper workout and health support and started eating more whole foods.
    Remember fat-loss eating is different than a weight loss diet or even a healthy diet. Cut out starch and processed foods and make sure you get a good amount of lean protien and fiber! Plus, don't forget to treat yourself, I always keep Dove dark chocolate squares around so I can have one or two pieces of REAL choclate when I need it!.
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    The wedding is September 1st. and I have already lost 5 in a week. I only have been cutting out soda and junk food. Pretty soon I will be riding my bike to school everyday five days a week (college down street), so i know that will help me loose. I really dont care if he actually wears the tux buts its motivation for me. I want to look really good in my dress and on our honeymoon. I am going to do this!!!
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